7 simple rules and + 69% to the deposit

7 simple rules and + 69% to the deposit

Learning Impressions

I didn’t sign up for individual training right away, because before that I had not had the best experience with courses from one “broker” – video lessons were conducted from Thailand, via Skype. At the same time, the “trader” was clearly drunk, as he said at the beginning of each lesson. After a month of this “training” I left.

It was different at the Forex Academy: we held a free lesson with a trader, dotted the i’s, discussed the time of the lessons, and formed a program. Then we carefully reviewed the nuances of entering the market, tracking a position, fixing a profit.

After the introductory lesson, the “heat” began. We worked a lot, for several hours in a row. Dmitry patiently explained everything, encouraged and gave recommendations. It was very difficult to resist the temptation to open a deal and go “full blast”, seeing how the schedule is going in your direction. However, Dmitry intervened in time. As a result, after a couple of breakdowns, I realized that you need to follow the recommendations. Deals were not always closed with a plus, the market is unpredictable. Things got better, however, and I finally closed the month with a 13% profit.

I studied for 4 months. In general, they study with you until you “recover” the entire amount spent on training. It took me 3 months, + 1 month we consolidated the skills – I traded on my own, and Dmitry gave advice and recommendations.

Here are the main ones:

  1. Never trust “intuition.”
  2. Always use the Safe Rule.
  3. Do not try to overclock the deposit.
  4. Do not enter a trade before the formation of a reversal pattern.
  5. Do not work in large lots.

Everything is clear. However, everyone violated at least one of these rules – and lost their deposit. The main thing is that with Dmitry’s help I can now trade using the system. And make money steadily.

And at the link below you can download 2 patterns that will help you not to lose your deposit, especially if you are a beginner trader. If you trade by patterns, you earn. Leave a request and receive them by mail – change your trade.

Trading “after”

After graduation, I do not violate the recommendations: I choose entry points carefully and almost always apply the Safe rule. Attacks of greed, as they were, and remained – there’s nothing you can do about it). Self-control is always necessary, because the deposit can be lost immediately.

Some statistics

Some statistics

I have a fairly large deposit: after studying the Sniper, I replenished my account with $ 60 thousand. Now I trade conservatively. I tried overclocking, it worked. But I came to the conclusion that all this hassle is not for me.

So far, I have not reached the drawdown target – it is 12.06%, although I was planning to reach a result of less than 5%. Overall, the winrate suits me. When discussing the Sniper’s efficiency, such an outcome was expected.

The deposit increased by 68.41% – the result is average, but for the money it turned out great! And most importantly – stable and without hassle. The chart shows 2 hitch – this is just a consequence of attempts to overclock the deposit.



Of course, I did not become a great trader like Gann or Williams – but I achieved my goals.

I can say: it is impossible to become a professional without draining your deposit at least several times.

For some, one drain is enough for this, someone will give the market more than $ 10,000 – like me, for example. And someone will learn to trade himself.
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