The drugs were concealed in school desks being exported to Egypt. Es ist die Abkürzung für das englische Wort Capacity. Retrieved from " https:

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Only the Ilkhanate truly recognized the Yuan's overlordship as allies though it was effectively autonomous. Because Kublai founded the Yuan, the members of the other branches of the Borjigin could take part in the election of a new Khagan as the supporters of one or other of the contestants, but they could not enter the contest as candidates themselves.

After the breakdown of Mongol Empire and the fall of the Yuan dynasty in the midth century, the Mongols turned into a political turmoil. The last Khagan of the Chahars , Ligdan Khan , died in while fighting the Qing dynasty founded by the Manchu people.

In contemporary Mongolian language the words "Khaan" and "Khan" have different meanings, while English language usually does not differentiate between them. The early Khagans of the Mongol Empire were:.

The title became associated with the Ashina ruling clan of the Göktürks and their dynastic successors among such peoples as the Khazars cf. Minor rulers were rather relegated to the lower title of khan. Both Khagan as such and the Turkish form Hakan, with the specification in Arabic al-Barrayn wa al-Bahrayn meaning literally "of both lands and both seas" , or rather fully in Ottoman Turkish Hakan ül-Berreyn vel-Bahreyn , were among the titles in the official full style of the Great Sultan and later Caliph of the Ottoman Empire , reflecting the historical legitimation of the dynasty's rule as political successor to various conquered often Islamised states.

In the early 10th century, the Rus' people employed the title of kagan or qaghan , reported by the Persian geographer Ahmad ibn Rustah , who wrote between and It is believed that the tradition endured in the eleventh century, as the metropolitan bishop of Kiev in the Kievan Rus' , Hilarion of Kiev , calls both grand prince Vladimir I of Kiev — and grand prince Yaroslav the Wise — by the title of kagan , while a graffito on the walls of Saint Sophia's Cathedral gives the same title to the son of Iaroslav, grand prince Sviatoslav II of Kiev — From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For emperors of the Mughals , see Mughal emperors. Kha Khan Old Turkic Latin alphabet: List of Mongol rulers. Farad F kommt vom Engländer Michael Faraday, der den gleichnamigen Käfig erfunden hat und von dem auch die elektrische Feldtheorie stammt.

Er wurde durch die Benennung der Kapazität geehrt. Die Dielektrizitätszahl ist ein Mass dafür, wie ein Isolierstoff die Kapazität eines Kondensators beeinflusst. Je höher die Dielektrizitätszahl ist, desto höher die Kapazität oder kleiner die Kondensatorbauform.

In der Praxis ist es unerheblich, ob man sich auf Vakuum oder Luft bezieht. Der Unterschied macht sich erst nach dem Komma bemerkbar. Die Durchschlagsfestigkeit eines Kondensators ist auf das Dielektrikum bezogen. Sie bestimmt die höchste Spannung, die am Kondensator anliegen darf.

Wird die Spannung überschritten isoliert das Dielektrikum nicht mehr. Es kommt zu einem Durchschlag durch das Dielektrikum. Ein Kondensator entlädt sich immer selbst. Die Entladung entsteht durch die Isolation, die Beschaltung, den Kondensatorbelag und das Dielektrikum. Die Entladung nennt man auch Kondensatorverlust. Besonders bei Wechselspannung entsteht durch die Umpolarisierung ein hoher Verlust.

Deshalb gibt es spezielle Wechselspannungskondensatoren. On 26 October , a member of the Saudi royal family , Prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz, and four others were detained in Beirut on charges of drug trafficking after airport security discovered two tons of Captagon fenethylline pills and some cocaine on a private jet scheduled to depart for the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

The pills, almost 11 million of them, had been produced in Syria and were being shipped to countries in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. On 31 December the Lebanese Army announced that it had discovered two large scale drug production workshops in the north of the country. Large quantities of Captagon pills were seized. Two days earlier three tons of Captagon and hashish were seized at Beirut airport.

The drugs were concealed in school desks being exported to Egypt. The drug is playing a role in the Syrian Civil War. References to the drug were found on a mobile phone used by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel , a French-Tunisian who killed 84 civilians in Nice on Bastille Day, Edit Read in another language Fenethylline.

Substance abuse , Substance use disorder , Substance dependence , and Illegal drug trade. Pharmacy and Pharmacology portal. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. New results on pharmacology, metabolism and kinetics".

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