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However, the people of the Philippines have recognised the potential that a healthy environment offers — not least with regard to the growth in tourism and the use of renewable energy. There are, however, plenty of places where there are no ATMs at all and where foreign debit or credit cards are not accepted e. Deforestation, the decimation of coral reefs and of fish stocks as well as an extremely high level of air and water pollution are the consequences of excessive use of natural resources combined with a lack of environmental protection measures.


Financial cooperation with the Philippines has been suspended since because the compensation demanded was only paid in part after the government had expropriated a terminal at Manila airport financed by a German company. The resumption of Financial Cooperation will be considered by the German government only when a solution has been agreed with the Philippine government. German cooperation with the Philippines concentrates on peacebuilding and conflict transformation. It focuses mainly on the Caraga region on Mindanao, the country's second largest island.

This programme will until the end of After the conclusion of a peace accord between the government and the local rebel movement in late , it has now become possible to expand the peacebuilding activities in the conflict region. Political and social conflicts are frequent in the Caraga region in north-eastern Mindanao. The cause of the conflict is the unequal distribution of land and the unequal access to natural resources and basic services.

Of the two million inhabitants of the region there are nearly , members of indigenous groups, who are particularly disadvantaged. The region's economy is based on use of forests and agriculture. There are also rich natural deposits of minerals in the region. Despite these resources, it is among the poorest in the Philippines. The entire ecosystem and its biodiversity are endangered by economic interests. The knowledge and practices of the indigenous communities, which make up a majority of the population here, are not being considered appropriately.

Through COSERAM , the German government is supporting local institutions in using local natural resources and assets peacefully, sustainably and for the benefit of the local people. Efforts are also being made to boost the dialogue with all stakeholders in the conflict so as to reach a lasting settlement.

In this way a contribution is being made to addressing the underlying causes of the conflict. Fit for School programme: Health, education and access to water and sanitation are among the rights of every child. Many children in Southeast Asia, however, are still denied these rights. They suffer from diseases that could be avoided through simple hygiene measures.

Through "Fit for School" the German government supports the ministries of education in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos, to improve water and sanitation systems at schools and to increase hygiene levels by integrating handwashing and brushing your teeth as group activities into daily school life. Devastation in the city of Tacloban after typhoon Haiyan.

On 8 November , typhoon Haiyan made landfall on the Philippines. It is thought to be the strongest typhoon ever recorded. The storm and the metres-high waves it caused devastated the south-eastern regions of the Philippines in particular. Several thousand people died. Local infrastructure was destroyed. According to United Nations estimates, more than 13 million people have been affected by the typhoon, including more than 5 million children.

The German government has provided a total of Skip to main navigation Skip to content. Deutsch Deutsche Sprachversion Privacy Contact. Area Navigation Navigation Search. Philippines Situation and cooperation. More information Information See also Issues: Climate risk management Issues: Promoting renewable energy and energy efficency Issues: President and vice president are elected on a six-year term.

Therefore the next election will be held in May Originally written in Spanish, later English and Filipino versions have been created. Today only the Filipino version is used.

Two equal horizontal bands of blue representing peace and justice and red representing courage and a white equilateral triangle based on the hoist side which represents equality. The center of the triangle displays a yellow sun with eight primary rays, each representing one of the first eight provinces that sought independence from Spain. Each corner of the triangle contains a small, yellow, five-pointed star representing the three major geographical divisions of the country: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The design of the flag dates to ; in wartime the flag is used upside down with the red band at the top. Around million people live on the Philippines July est. This is a percent increase in the last 50 years In Southeast Asia the Philippines have the highest population growth with a rate of 1. Comparatively in the US the population growth rate in was 0. There are several ethnic groups on the Philippines: Therefore there are also plenty of different dialects. The official languages are Filipino which is based on Tagalog as well as English.

After a very small growth rate of 1. Compared to other countries this was a pretty big increase US 2. During the Macapagal-Arroyo administration the economic growth in the Philippines averaged 4. Because of the high population growth rate and the inequitable distribution of income poverty still worsened even despite this economic growth.

In the Philippines were having exports of Main export commodities have been semiconductors and electronic products, transport equipment, garments, copper products, petroleum products, coconut oil and fruits. The most imported items are electronic products, mineral fuels, machinery and transport equipment, iron and steel, textile fabrics, grains, chemicals and plastic. Most of the imports are coming from Japan If you are travelling alone it might get more expensive than you think because you always pay for the whole room.

In bigger cities you always find many ATMs. There are, however, plenty of places where there are no ATMs at all and where foreign debit or credit cards are not accepted e. It happens pretty often that people have to leave a great place because they run out of money. If you are travelling for a bit longer, make sure that you always bring enough cash with you.

In the bigger, mostly foreign owned resorts, credit cards mostly with extra charge as well as foreign currencies are accepted EURO, US Dollar and sometimes Swiss Francs. Always bring some small money with you as sometimes it is not even possible to get change for a Peso banknote. Most of the ATMss do not give you more than That can be annoying since every time you take out money the Philippine as well as the foreign bank charges you a certain amount.

For every flight you have to pay an airport fee which is Pesos for international flights and Pesos for domestic flights. It is also possible to pay the international fee in US Dollars but make sure that you bring some cash with you as credit cards are not accepted.

Cebu Pacific Airlines will weigh your hand luggage at some airports e. Manila after check in before going to the boarding area. They will send you back to check in your hand luggage if it is too heavy.

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