Validating Your Electronically Filed Tax Return

As part of the signature process when filing a return electronically, the IRS requires an identifying piece of information. This could be your prior year's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or your prior year's Self-Select PIN number that you created on your prior year return.

Click File located on the left menu. Employers engaged in a trade or business who pay compensation. This PIN can be any five digits except "" or "". You will receive an email confirming that your return has been accepted by the IRS.

How to Verify Your Identity With the IRS on Your efiled Tax Return

Watch video · You can find your AGI in a number of ways: In your TurboTax Online or Mobile app account under Your tax returns and documents; On your originally filed tax return, form (Line 37), A (Line 21), EZ (Line 4), NR (Line 36), Form X (Line 1, column A).

It can be any five numbers except or , or all the same digits like Biggest Refund Guarantee Details. Play The eFile Song! Get Tax Return Support. How to Check Refund Status efile. Here is how to find your prior year AGI: Click File located on the left menu. Your return will be completed. When it is finished, click Continue. Next is the Efile Selection screen. Make sure you select the return s you want to efile and click Continue.

Then select if you want to have your refund mailed or deposited and click Continue. Then you will be asked if you or your spouse, if your filing status is Married Filing Jointly filed a tax return last year. Select Yes and click Continue. Once you have entered your AGI s , click Continue.

You are then asked to create a 5-digit PIN to electronically sign your return. This is a temporary number you enter to prove your identity with the IRS when you efile your Tax Return. When you prepare your return on efile. You can create this signature PIN on your own. In order to verify your identity with the IRS, you need to figure out whether or not you filed or efiled a tax return last year.

Then, follow the instructions in one of the three cases listed below: Follow these step by step instructions on how to enter your previous tax year AGI on efile. During the efile process on efile. You will then be directed to a screen where you can choose a self-select PIN to use as your electronic signature. This PIN can be any five digits except "" or "". You can efile your tax return as many times as you need to at no extra charge.

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