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Single hand does not mean that. It's a simple combination of two words which expresses its meaning directly and literally, as in "the kitten was so tiny I could hold in in a single hand ".

But I asked 'single-hand' and NOT 'single hand'. What I was trying to tell you is there is no "single-hand" with hyphen. There is only "single hand" no hyphen and "single-handed" infrequently, but not never, spelled without the hyphen. It is called the past participle. For example, A painted bucket vs paint bucket. If you love hyphens, then, painted-bucket vs paint-bucket.

The past participle, because the state of the object is due to a completed action. There is difference between "red-haired woman" and "red hair woman". Hyphens are for clarity: He won the game with a single hand. It was a single-hand game. I have only a single hand tonight. All other waiters, except she, have gone home for the New Year. He single-handedly won the game with a single hand. It was a single-handed single-hand feat.

Working or done without help; unassisted. Intended for use with one hand. Having or using only one hand. But I'm not sure, it looks like keepalive behavior can only be acheived by providing false value to the constructor which simply marks object as not finalizable, so you have to call SafeHandle's Dispose manualy to prevent resource leakage in that case, am I right? Can someone explain source code, what is the. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Milan Gardian 9, 5 32 What's wrong with MSDN? Just looking for a brief summary of each to ensure I'm using them correctly.

Michael Burr Michael Burr k 40 SendMessage new HandleRef a, a. SafeHandle includes reference counting to prevent handle recycling attacks. Can anyone confirm safehandle uses handleref? Or at least has a similar mechanism? Both HandleRef and SafeHandle are protected from GC until the call returns; and both protect an object's finalizer from running and deleting the IntPtr. HandleRef points to the object with that finalizer; while SafeHandle is the object with that finalizer.

HandleRef prevents "a" from being garbage collected before the program is done with h. Ryan Ryan 1 2. Can someone explain source code, what is the private extern void InternalDispose ; private extern void InternalFinalize ;?

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