Lutherans worship Christ wherever he is, including the sacraments, and thus Luther genuflected before the baptismal font and the sacrament.

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The raising of the consecrated Host and Chalice after the Consecration in order to show them to the people was for long unaccompanied by obligatory genuflections. The requirement that genuflection take place on both knees before the Blessed Sacrament when it is unveiled as at Expositions but not when it is lying on the corporal during Mass [12] was altered in with introduction of the following rule: The simple single genuflection on one knee may be used in all cases. Although prayer comes from the heart it is often expressed naturally through the body.

Genuflection is an act of personal piety and is not required by the Prayer Book. In some parishes it is a customary gesture of reverence for Christ's real presence in the consecrated eucharistic elements of bread and wine, particularly in parishes with an Anglo-catholic tradition. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal lays down the following rules for genuflections during Mass:.

In the Byzantine Rite , most widely observed in the Orthodox Church , genuflection plays a smaller role and prostration , known as proskynesis , is much more common. During the holy mystery of reconciliation, however, following confession of sins, the penitent is to genuflect with head bowed before the Gospel Book or an icon of Christ as the confessor - either a bishop or a presbyter - formally declares God's forgiveness.

Genuflection or kneeling is prescribed at various points of the Roman Rite liturgy, such as after the mention of Jesus ' death on the cross in the readings of the Passion during Holy Week.

A right knee genuflection is made during and after the Adoration of the Cross on Good Friday. A genuflection is made at the mention of the Incarnation in the words et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto, ex Maria Virgine, et homo factus est "and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man" in the Creed on the solemnities of Christmas and the Annunciation. In the Tridentine Mass this genuflection is made on any day on which the Creed is recited at Mass, as well as at several other points:.

In the Maronite Catholic Church , there is an evocative ceremony of genuflection on the feast of Pentecost. The congregation genuflects first on the left knee to God the Father , then on the right knee to God the Son , and finally on both knees to God the Holy Spirit.

From the custom of genuflecting to kings and other nobles arose the custom by which lay people or clergy of lesser rank genuflect to a prelate and kiss his episcopal ring , [20] as a sign of acceptance of the bishop 's apostolic authority as representing Christ in the local church, [21] and originally their social position as lords.

Abbots and other senior monastics often received genuflection from their monks and often others. Genuflecting before greater prelates i. Bishops in their own dioceses, Metropolitans in their province, Papal Legates in the territory assigned to them, and Cardinals either outside of Rome or in the church assigned to them in Rome is treated as obligatory in editions of the Caeremoniale Episcoporum earlier than that of ; [22] during liturgical functions according to these prescriptions , clergy genuflect when passing before such prelates, but an officiating priest and any more junior prelates, canons, etc.

The present Catholic liturgical books exclude genuflecting to a bishop during the liturgy: Though it is frequently asserted that genuflections are to be made on the left knee when made to merely human authorities, [8] there is no such prescription in any liturgical book.

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Retrieved 8 November Devout "high church" Anglicans genuflect as they pass the reserved sacrament. Understanding Four Views on the Lord's Supper. Lutherans worship Christ wherever he is, including the sacraments, and thus Luther genuflected before the baptismal font and the sacrament. Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, and Lutherans may already take their souls through the slow dance of the Eucharist, kneeling, standing, genuflecting, making the sign of the cross, walking forward to receive the body and blood, walking back to the pew, standing for the last hymn.

Saint Mark's Parish Church. Retrieved 29 March To "genuflect" kneel down briefly and then arise is the Western Orthodox way of venerating the sacrament or the altar. To take your place in church, walk quietly down the center aisle, and then genuflect before moving to the left or right into the pew.

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