Force Trader Expert Advisor

Force Trader Expert Advisor

Force Trader Features

Platform : Metatrader 4

Advisor version : 1.0

Currency pairs : EURUSD, NZDUSD, AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDUSD are recommended by the author. There are sets for other tools, but the developer did not guarantee a profitable job for them

Timeframe : D1

Working hours : around the clock

Robot type : indicator

How Force Trader works

  • the state of the market is determined by Momentum. If Momentum ≥100, only buy entry points are searched for, 
  • signals are being filtered by BalancePairFilter (correlation inputs filter), already opened trades are taken into account. If EURUSD is in a long position in the market, then, for example, GBPUSD can only be sold. The filter can be disabled;
  • UseMaxRiskFilter – drawdown filtering is in progress. If the total loss on open trades exceeds the threshold specified in the settings, a new trade will not be executed;
  • according to EMA, the priority direction of trade is determined. If the Close price is higher than the EMA, we consider only purchases and vice versa;
  • one (or several) oscillators come into play, they are activated through the settings.

At the same time Force Trader opens 2 trades with the same volume. Features of tracking positions:

  • the EA moves the stop on both entries to breakeven;
  • the trawl is activated after the first trade is closed;
  • you can activate a trailing stop for both positions at once.

6 types of market exit are implemented:

  • to update the nearest High / Low;
  • by ADX;
  • by DEM;
  • by WPR;
  • by Stochastic;
  • by RVI.

Please note that although the EA uses 14 indicators, not all of them are used when opening a trade.

Force Trader Settings

Force Trader Settings

All the robot’s settings are indicated in the document, which you can download together with the advisor. Therefore, I will be brief:

  • customization of each indicator is implemented;
  • There are 4 types of money management: fixed lot, percentage of the deposit, volume calculation taking into account the drawdown and according to a fixed proportion;
  • flexible trailing stop settings.

The RealTrade parameter is responsible for the time of closing deals. If the value is false, the trade is carried out at 00:00, if it is true, at 00:30. A half-hour shift is needed to skip the change of day period when brokers stretch the spread. In some companies, trading is disabled during this period. Activate the false mode only for a test on history at open prices.

And in addition to Force Trader, you can get a portfolio of Expert Advisors configured and ready to go. They are suitable for almost any timeframe – from H1 to M15, you can make a profit around the clock – you do not need to configure and test anything, because we have conducted more than 1,000 tests and selected the 5 best robots out of 4,300.


Despite the test results, Force Trader cannot be considered a dummy. A good trading algorithm has been released in it, and the abundance of settings opens up wide opportunities for optimization. You can also experiment with the selection of operating parameters, and be sure to share the indicators in the comments.