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Summary in a synoptic German-English text of all applicable laws and regulations. European Commercial Law Library series. The German Civil Code. It has an extensive index updated by a "latest additions to the index" section, as well as a separate cumulative index of new developments, and cases and legislation. Country-by-country survey including Germany covering all taxes in connection with the taxation of companies:

2.2. General Private and Commercial Law

The English table of contents includes a German translation of article headings. The English text of the law has a clickable table of contents that takes you to the actual text of the law. Available in translation from the Website of the German Law Archive. The site features among others the following laws and ordinances: Telecommunications laws available from the official Website of the Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und Post , the German Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts: German and English text with an extensive German and English introduction.

The German Federal Law Gazette in full text since Free access to Part I from after registration. The full version and Part II a fee-based service. Features Part I as a free read-only pdf version beginning from January and Part II as a free version after registration.

Hundreds of laws from the official Website of the German federal government. Rechtsdatenbank zum gewerblichen Rechtsschutz. A comprehensive industrial property database via Dr. Jochen Krieger, an attorney specializing in this field; full texts in the vernacular of German laws relating to industrial property along with supplementary sources and pertinent literature.

A comprehensive tax and accounting portal with links to German laws, legal literature, legal publishers, national and international institutions and organizations, and Internet sites.

Five-volume set in English providing very extensive and in-depth coverage of the various aspects of business dealings and business law in Germany. The different chapters have been written by authorities in these fields and give an overview of the issues involved such as the government and legal system, general private and commercial law, and business organization.

Separate volume of translations of pertinent laws and code sections. Each chapter is preceded by an extensive table of contents. Detailed index of all chapters in volume 3. Doing Business in Germany. Fritz Knapp Verlag in preparation. A manual in English providing a short introduction to the German legal system, the law of contracts and other aspects of law that you have to know for planning purposes. Comprehensive five-volume encyclopedia designed for the practitioner, scholar and researcher. It covers some countries, each of them in a separate chapter.

The chapter on Germany in volume II provides an overview of the country's legal system and legal history, along with bibliographic sources relating hereto. This introduction is followed by a compilation of major publications in both German and English. It has a good subject arrangement by fields of law.

Sources available in English are listed alphabetically at the very end of the chapter. This set is very current as it is supplemented three to four times annually. Also available online as a fee-based service at http: Germain's Transnational Law Research: A Guide for Attorneys. Transnational Juris Publications, Inc. This source covers the various procedural and practical aspects of foreign and international law, its substantive issues, and research sources in a well-organized loose-leaf volume with extensive bibliographical references and footnoting.

One chapter deals with the legal systems of individual countries, providing references to English translations and digests of primary sources, research guides, reference works, and bibliographies.

It has a good index with cross-references to main entries, and appendices featuring a list of publishers in the field, depository libraries, and international organizations. German Legal System and Laws. Droste Killius Triebel, ed. It has an extensive index updated by a "latest additions to the index" section, as well as a separate cumulative index of new developments, and cases and legislation.

Finding lists lead the reader to legislation in the various fields and to cases decided by German courts. Both are updated by a "latest additions to cases" section. Checklists feature important addresses of authorities, translations of the titles of legislation, and a German-English glossary of terms as well as forms.

A separate division deals with the international aspects of income tax. European Commercial Law Series. Intended to introduce the legal practitioner to German commercial law, this is a practical and straightforward guide which offers a wealth of information on a broad range of German legal issues, including industrial and intellectual property, competition law, business organizations, mergers and acquisitions, agency, insolvency, and others.

The introduction explains the structure of the legal profession and the court system in Germany. It also features a legislation table and an index. British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Introduction to German Law. The Hague; London; Boston: Kluwer Law International, This book discusses the most important areas of private and public law and gives an introduction to German legal culture.

Each chapter is written by an expert in the field. It features an extensive table of contents and a summary of contents, a list of abbreviations, and a detailed index with both English and German keywords and cross-references with translations into German of major keywords given in brackets. Each chapter has its own bibliography. Key Aspects of German Business Law: This book presents a clear and precise overview of the key aspects of German business law.

Its first part explains the major issues involved in acquiring or establishing a business in Germany. The second part deals with specific fields of law. Differences between the German and US legal systems are explained and highlighted throughout.

Includes a basic glossary of German terms and abbreviations with English translations. Business and Today's Germany: A Guide for Corporate Executives and Attorneys. Seeking to foster an understanding of Germany as a business partner, this volume provides an overview of the general business environment in Germany, the main forms of doing business, the principal laws involved, arranged by subject, and major US companies in Germany.

It features a selected bibliography of German and English source material and a rather modest index. European Commercial Law Library series. A commentary and guide that intends to present in a clear and simple form to the businessman and his professional advisers the leading features of the national commercial laws of the country concerned, and covers all aspects of commercial and distributorship agreements in German law.

It has a detailed and sizable index. A guide for practitioners through the intellectual property world of Germany with a side view to the provisions of the European Patent Convention and the practice of the European Patent Office. English and German Index. Trademark Practice and Forms. This multi-country guide includes section on Germany offers information on international trademark practice with detailed explanations of the laws and rules on initial registration requirements and procedures, transfers, assignments, licenses and means of enforcement, summaries of multilateral and bilateral agreements, and complete sets of forms for each country.

Lizenzverträge - License Agreements. Carl Heymanns Verlag KG, Annotated sample contracts under German and European law regarding patents, utility models, know-how, and computer softwares, synoptically arranged in German and English.

Further, German and English indexes, a list of abbreviations, and an extensive bibliography of sources in German and English. Everything you have to know about business tenancies Gewerbe-Mietrecht from conclusion to notice. This practical guide reflects years of experience with foreign companies and is tailored to meet their needs.

Real Property in Germany. A guide through the legal, financial and taxation problems the foreign investor investing in German real property will encounter that is written in a clear and concise language by practitioners who are recognized experts in their fields.

Two of the fifteen chapters deal specifically with the taxation aspects of real property transactions; one chapter provides sample contracts in synoptic presentation of the German and English texts. Includes two pocket-part supplements devoted to specific problems involved in real property investments in East Germany, a keyword index in German and English, and a bibliography on the subject.

Business Operations in Germany. Detailed analysis of German income taxation as applied to individuals and corporations and a discussion of net worth tax, trade tax, the value-added tax and inheritance tax.

Includes working papers such as forms of tax returns, model articles of incorporation, summaries of the effect of tax treaties of Germany on dividends, interest an royalties, and the texts of the German tax treaties with the US.

Updated by "changes and analysis" pages that are filed right behind the table of contents. Index and several finding tools such as a master index by subject, a code sections index, an estate, gifts and trusts classification guide and key word index, and a foreign income classification guide and key word index.

A basic practitioner's guide published annually and providing essential domestic tax information overviews of a large number of countries, including Germany. For the many countries it covers, it is good for comparisons. It has no index or footnoting at all and no citations to legislation, cases or literature.

Taxation of Companies in Europe. Country-by-country survey including Germany covering all taxes in connection with the taxation of companies: Corporate income taxation, taxes on capital, group taxation, VAT and others. Corporate Taxation in Germany. This book provides foreign businesses interested in Germany with concise but comprehensive information on the current German tax system, and aids foreign managers and international business consultants in their German investment planning.

The text is synoptically presented in German and English. Part 1 explains the basic principles of German tax law that are of primary importance to foreign investors; Part 2 describes the Standortsicherungsgesetz a recently adopted law to enhance Germany's attractiveness as a business location , with an emphasis on those points pertaining to foreign tax planning; and Part 3 features the text and explanations of the relevant provisions of the Corporation Tax Act and other statutes. There is no subject index.

Extensive coverage of the pertinent legal provisions, as well as examples of cases, useful selection of sample contracts, notices of dismissal, and other documents in Part VIII, and a list of the official laws with an English translation. Termination of Employment in Germany. This booklet covers the most important aspects of German termination of employment law of interest to foreign investors and their counsel. Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Germany. This book is addressed to business executives and their professional advisors, and provides a practical overview of the legal, financial and administrative aspects instrumental in corporate mergers and acquisitions in Germany.

Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe. An introduction to German civil and commercial law, including a detailed description of pertinent German corporation law. Mergers and Acquisitions in Germany. A monograph discussing the transfer of a business, labor law aspects, and U. The book provides detailed guidance on the provisions of the Act and contains overviews of the principal cross-border, antitrust and regulatory aspects.

Clear overview of the new comprehensive and binding legal framework with glossary and synoptic translation of the Act on the Purchase of Securities and on Takeovers German Takeover Act and related regulations.

Takeovers in English and German Law. The German Competition Law. This book in English contains pertinent legislation, pronouncements and orders, along with explanatory memoranda and a commentary section with subsections devoted to an introduction, the scope of the GWB and a discussion of substantive law topics.

A compendium that offers a brief survey of the legal and business aspects of international bank operations in 17 countries, including Germany, and the European Economic Community. It has a table of banking legislation but no index. Banks, Finance and Investments in Germany. Cambridge; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, Extensive introduction to German and European energy law including descriptions of the most important Websites, synoptic translations of several laws and regulations, and a German-English and English German glossary.

The website of Attorney-at-Law Joachim Rudo, Berlin provides an introduction to German Energy Law, several translations of German Laws, and links to governmental authorities and other important associations.

The Business Culture in Germany: A Portrait of A Power House. Butterworth - Heinemann, A basic introduction to communication styles, business etiquette, meanings of gestures, etc. Business Restructuring in the Ruhr Area. The research presented here stems from work on a PhD dissertation and studies the economy in the Ruhr area in the first half of the s.

The material was collected during field work with large and Mittelstand firms in the Ruhr area in and with further investigations until A guide prepared to assist those interested in doing business in Germany, it does not cover every subject exhaustively but answers some broad questions regarding Germany's general and business environment, foreign investment, the regulatory environment, banking and finance, issues involved in exporting to Germany, legal forms of business, labor relations, the tax systems, etc.

German Embassy in Washington, D. Website maintained by the German Embassy in the Unites States providing information on legal and other aspects of doing business in Germany. Urbacher Hacker Young International, Offers an overview of aspects involved in doing business in Germany, including business organizations, accounting, taxes, labor law, and social insurance. A very basic source designed to offer a general idea of the subject. An international handbook with chapters written by different contributors, parts provide political, economic and commercial background to business in Germany.

Parts 4 and 5 offer technical guidance on the key elements of setting up and managing business operations in Germany. Appendices provide directory information on German business agencies, German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and Chambers of Commerce. Euro-manager or Splendid Isolation? Walter de Gruyter, Logical Goals, Practical Solutions. Institute of Peace Press, The author describes and explains the geographic, historical, political and economic background to the way Germans negotiate, and also deals with the negotiating tactics adopted by German business people and officials.

Germany As A Business Location. This book deals with German blue-chip companies that have started challenging corporate America and with the political, economic and cultural developments lying at the bottom of this.

Germany Your Business Partner. An information brochure on the framework for foreign trade with the Federal Republic of Germany designed to assist foreign business partners to set up businesses and take their first steps in the German market. It covers general aspects of Germany as a business location as well as the practical ones, such as legal issues, foreign trade regulations, taxes, promotion of regional economic development and of the new states, etc.

Some useful appendices provide contact addresses of authorities, at federal and local level, economic promotion agencies, credit institutions, and industrial associations. Handbook of German Business Management. Investing for the Future: Financial Times, Pittman Publishing, The German Way of Business. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, Harvard Business School Press, Structure and Dynamics of the German Mittelstand.

Understanding German and American Business Cultures. Seeking to foster an understanding of Germany as a business partner, this volume provides an overview of the general business environment in Germany, the main forms of doing business, the principal laws involved arranged by subject, and major US companies in Germany. This business directory, which appears in both an English and German edition, is an index to companies arranged in four parts: The first index is arranged geographically by location, the second and third indices are arranged alphabetically by company, and the fourth by branch of industry.

This directory includes some useful features such as a list of important US government offices in Germany and German government offices in the US, and lists of abbreviations of the US federal states and of general abbreviations and positions. The information is drawn from databanks, annual reports, and press and public records. Each entry, besides the address, phone and fax number, presents the company's financial results, postal code, products and activities, and management.

Appendices list Germany's top banks and insurance companies. The three indices are arranged alphabetically by company, by industry and by city. There is a list of advertisers. Seibt Directory of German Industries. A directory in English, French, German, and Spanish. It lists companies and their products in four indices: Priority in selecting companies for inclusion in the directory is given to manufacturers of investment goods and industry-related service companies also available on CD-ROM and as a fee-based database.

Starting a Business in Germany. German American Chamber of Commerce. Subsidiaries of German Firms in the U. This source provides a number of indices that list subsidiaries of German firms in the US in an alphabetical directory, and classified by state and SIC Code. Entries include, beside the address, the type of products, number of employees, name and address of parent in Germany, Website and e-mail information, if any.

Also searches for courts at different levels. German Commercial Law Firms A Handbook for International Clients. Appears as an annual reference work in print format with extensive information on the German legal market.

Also available as a database containing nearly 3, entries on German commercial law firms. The online version of Kanzlei in German language. Lists law firms in Germany alphabetically, by rank in certain practice areas and by locations. It refers to international affiliations, and features additional legal news and information.

An online international law firm directory in English based on the Legal series from the Website of Legalease, an independent publisher in the UK see also Kanzleien in Deutschland above. The German law firm directory lists firms alphabetically and by size, and gives recommendations for law firms in certain practice areas.

Information on law developments in certain fields are provided as well. This Website features cases, statutes and literature on German Law in English language and runs a database on German law. Ideas on German law can be exchanged in its discussion forum. The International Centre for Commercial Law. A great site to check for law firms and business law, with indices to law firms by practice area, and to find out about recent legal developments.

Hieros Gamos, the Comprehensive Legal Site. A site which provides access to international law firms, business guides, a searchable law firm directory and a law library. An extensive collection with an excellent compilation of laws, directories, dictionaries and other legal materials, including Germany. A comprehensive collection of German statutes and other legal materials in English, with references to many other legal links.

Begriffswörterbuch der deutsch-amerikanischen Rechtssprache - Immobilien und Steuern. Peter Collins Publishing, Textboxes illustrate usage by quotes from authoritative sources such as major newspapers. Currency has been a major priority, but not so recent sources have been included for reference purposes as well. When using or referring to these materials, it needs to be borne in mind that they may be out of date, incomplete, or, in the worst of cases, incorrect.

Hence, it stands to reason to check their origin and currency, or consult an expert in German law on any substantive issues involved. Table of Contents 1. Compilations of Business and Commercial Laws 2. General Private and Commercial Law 2.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Law 2. Corporate Tax Law 3. Takeover of Companies 4. Foreign Trade Law 4. Other Including Industry-Specific Laws 5. General Business Law Guides 6. General Private and Commercial Law 6.

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