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 · Showing how to install a solar panel system, and getting it ready for a grid-tie (on Pender Island, BC).

The possibility of a return to public ownership of the UK energy system has increased since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party. Migration and Local Authorities - impact on jobs and working conditions.

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For autism, for epilepsy and for disability, our charity trains and provides registered assistance dogs to improve the lives of children and adults across the UK.

This book provides the most comprehensive catalogue of water remunicipalisation cases produced so far. Public Services International Research Unit. Contact us Log in. Public ownership of the UK energy system — benefits, costs and processes. Migration and Local Authorities - impact on jobs and working conditions. Digitalisation of local authority services in Europe. Argentina Tax Justice Briefing. Services of general interest under regimes of fiscal austerity.

Our Public Water Future The global experience with remunicipalisation. Africa Newsletter 5 Contents: Nigeria - privatisation of electricity sector 2. Key activities of Psi-k are the organization of conferences, workshops, tutorials and training schools as well as the dissemination of scientific thinking in society.

Instructions regarding how to use it are here. We were oversubscribed and ,unfortunately, had to turn down several applicants we received in total 61 requests for attending the Elk-tutorials. The previous tutorials were held in , and The talks given by the speakers were to teach the attendees the physics behind various present and future implementations in the Elk code. This session was also aimed at introducing the cutting edge topics like warm dense matter and materials search.

All the presentations will be made available on the Elk web-page http: For this, 2, processors on the MPI computer cluster were reserved. All the participants were given accounts on this cluster.

They were allowed to run the examples on this cluster for the five days of the tutorial. In order to ensure that these cutting edge but computationally expensive tasks could be run, we opened accounts on our computer cluster in MPI-Halle for all the attendees. They were able to run in parallel the code on our cluster, which for the period of the workshop was reserved for just this purpose. Furthermore, this also allowed the attendees to experience a realistic environment of running the code on any supercomputer in the world.

Several students found it chaotic in the beginning but were able to learn this very quickly. We feel this is a very important aspect of running codes and should be a part of tutorials. Several of these students have explicitly requested PDFs of the lectures.

These will be made available on the Elk code web-page. We were given a wish-list by the students and we believe this will help us in taking the code to the next level of sophistication.

The more experienced participants were able to trouble shoot by asking very specific questions to the developers of the Elk code. In a special session we discussed the future directions the Elk code must take and this also provided a forum for discussion amongst the developers of the Elk code. The students showed great interest in fundamental talks given by experts as well as in learning the code. Some of the students have shown interest in not just using but also implementing new features in the code.

They also provided a list of changes made and features added to the code. This has further helped the developers in improving the code. For students we will set up a web-page with all the talks as pdf files. This we believe will be an invaluable resource for researchers using electronic structure methods. It is a really pleasure to be here. Topics of lecture are very interesting. I am very thankful for your patience when we have problem with the simplest thing with elk code.

I did not know elk code and this workshop really allow me to understand how it works and how to use it. The talks and the organization were at a very high level, I enjoyed many discussions with other participants, and am I now seriously considering using Elk for my future projects!

The workshop was clearly very well organised and any issue was resolved very quickly! Being there gave me the chance to talk to the developers about any issue I have experienced and discuss related work with other researchers.

I think its great organized. The level of lectures and tutorials are very high and consistent with my phd. I have learned a lot. Also I am greatful for you to organized accommodation, lunches, coffees, snacks and other fancy stuff. In particular I arrived a day later than expected due to my flight being cancelled at the last minute — this could easily have been an issue but it was handled completely smoothly.

The content was sufficiently varied that I was able to learn new things about the topics that I previously had no knowledge of, as well as those that I already knew something about. What I think could be improved in elk code are the mixing schemes in order to obtain faster convergence and some form of occupation analysis e. Bader charges also might be added. The greatest strength of elk in its current form is in my opinion the good documentation of the source code. Also, the practical aspects were very well thought out — great accommodation, nice dinner and good overall atmosphere throughout the week.

I attended many workshop but this is the best one. Thank you for this workshop. Setting up the input and performing ground-state calculations Dewhurst, Müller, Sharma. We have focused on discussing spin-orbit coupling SOC as a means of engendering fundamentally novel physical phenomena in exotic systems. The Conference therefore spanned several research dimensions, ranging from Materials in the form of bulk compounds, surfaces and interfaces, thin films and heterostructures to Functionalities associated with topology, spin-momentum locking, valley degrees of freedom, skyrmions, coupling to electric currents by Berry phases, etc.

A brainstorm about concepts and ideas in a little understood phenomenon, such as orbital magnetization, was carried out under the guidance of Prof. While the main focus was on ab initio simulations, a few leading scientists in experiments were invited Prof.

Claudia Felser, etc and a strong interface to many-body physics treated on the basis of realistic model Hamiltonians was included. Read the full report here. Visualisation allows us to tap into high-bandwidth cognitive hierarchies of our brains and allows us to process high densities of information at once.

In the field of atomistic and molecular simulations, it is a key element to research: Visual analytics is also making its way into material simulations beyond traditional ways. Two notable examples are i a successful crystal structure prediction study using data clustering method supported by visual analytics,[1] ii a time-aggregated 2D heat-map method that reduces the time to explore inner tunnels of proteins.

For consideration into Kappa Alpha Psi on the alumni level, one must possess at least a bachelor's degree or the equivalent of such a degree from an accredited college or university.

Kappa Alpha Psi has never condoned hazing , but is aware that serious incidents always occur. The fraternity revised its membership development and intake process, instituted policies against hazing and has taken steps to reinforce and strengthen its stance against prohibited conduct. However, the fraternity has still had many complaints of hazing lodged against it since then, most related with the pledging process.

After the pledging ritual, fraternity members placed his lifeless body in his bed where he was officially pronounced dead. One pledge was beaten so badly that many of the veins in his backside were broken and he developed a life-threatening gangrene infection.

According to sworn complaints made by pledges at FAMU, they were punched, hit with canes, hit with two-by-fours, and suffered extreme exhaustion due to hazing. One pledge was admitted to a hospital for two days after a brutal night of hazing left him with a ruptured ear drum and 25 pints of lost blood. LSU will not consider reinstatement of the fraternity until at least In , a pre-med student at Wayne State University suffered kidney failure and was hospitalized for 12 days after weeks of physical abuse by men of the fraternity.

In March , the University of Florida chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was suspended because of 13 misdemeanor-level sworn complaints involving striking and harassing pledges. In , a former pledge at California State University-Bakersfield sued the fraternity after being left paralyzed due to hazing. The pledge was shot with a BB gun and hit with canes and horse whips that left him paralyzed. In March , five Kappas from the University of Central Arkansas were arrested for beating pledges.

In his lawsuit, he stated he was even beaten and terrorized by CSU alumni members in their 30s and 40s. In , three unidentified men affiliated with the fraternity at the University of Central Florida UCF were brutally beaten by Kappas after dropping their twirling canes while dancing according to witnesses.

The UCF chapter was placed on suspension and under investigation. FSU also placed the chapter under investigation to identify and prosecute all members involved in the beatings. In , the Fraternity was divided into districts as a result of proposed legislation by George F. David II, the third Grand Polemarch. David was first Grand Polemarch who had not been nurtured by the Alpha Chapter under the influence of the Founders, proposed dividing the Fraternity into supervisory districts.

The idea originated with his father who was a Presiding Elder of the A. Duke, the second; and Harold M. Tyler, the third district. The three districts grew into four "regions". Fifth Grand Polemarch Earl B.

And during the original establishment of provinces, the following provinces were established: Kappa Alpha Psi has chartered over undergraduate, alumni, and international chapters.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of Kappa Alpha Psi brothers. Any member, who participates in underground pledge activities, or hazing of any kind, shall be expelled from the Fraternity. Virgin Islands Western States Covered: List of Kappa Alpha Psi chapters. Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. Archived from the original on The Story of Kappa Alpha Psi: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

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