Sollte ich in Cannabis-Aktien investieren?

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Der Fokus solle auf dem Nebengeschäft Zubehör, Bekleidung etc. Wie auch immer, über den Fonds liegen sehr wenige Informationen vor, und auf Nachfrage erhielten wir keine Antwort. Auf der Website des Unternehmens findet man keine Informationen betreffend des Portfolios oder der Menge des aufgebrachten Geldes.

Diese Investorengruppen sind sehr auf die Durchführbarkeit und die Zukunft ihrer Unternehmungen fokussiert. Wir brauchen Erfahrung und Verständnis und typischerweise benötigen sie mehr Management von der Investorenseite als andere Anlagesparten.

Marijuana Business Daily has forecast that marijuana sales could hit eight billion dollars by , not its previous forecast date of The recently completed MBD Factbook cited issues at the state level as the cause for the the slower growth curve. California was mentioned for its struggles with regulating its cannabis industry that has resulted in the closings of dispensaries.

Massachusetts and Washington were both noted for their delays in instituting their medical marijuana programs. However, eight billions is still a huge number and for this reason investment firms are clamoring to be a part of this nascent sector.

This is creating a potential bubble situation where there are too many investment dollars chasing too few worthy companies.

The strategy for these investments firms is to get in early and establish themselves as the experts in the field. While 23 states have legalized medical marijuana, investing in the group still remains somewhat taboo.

Another concern is that some of these funds create great fanfare when they start their fund or open their venture capital firm, but then get very quiet. Still, some of these financiers are pulling in big money and scouring the field for good investments and these are some of the top names in the group.

Getting an investment from this group is like receiving the investing seal of approval. It was also the first private equity firm to close a multimillion dollar funding round in Privateer has invested in the online cannabis review site Leafly and the Canadian cannabis grower Tilray.

In addition to those, Privateer has invested in Marley Natural, a cannabis lifestyle brand that will sell cannabis and accessories. Privateer is the largest and most established of the funds. Dutchess Capital — This firm is not just a marijuana investor, but a manager for investment funds and was established in in Massachusetts. The founder Douglas Leighton decided to enter the cannabis space when Massachusetts legalized medicinal marijuana. Dutchess will be targeting consumer consumption devices and consumer use companies.

Dutchess has invested in the beverage company Dixie Ellixirs in its licensing side and the marijuana social media site Mass Roots MSRT , which recently went public. Dutchess was able to return some value to its investors with a partial exit when Mass Roots went public.

The duo was drawn to the industry when they sadly lost both parents to cancer and the hospice treatment recommended cannabis. Emily Paxhia also expressed concern about the rapid increase in investors. So Poseidon is focusing on software for point of sale, seed-to-sale, lighting software and ways to help patients. Greenleaf Joint Ventures —This company provides capital for cannabis and hemp start-up and existing companies. Greenleaf has also invested in Hemp Inc.

It also posted a video on its Facebook site of a company called hempitecture that it helped fund. Hempitecture builds with hemp walls and was funded through Kickstarter. This very open and visible list of investment projects is definitely a positive sign for investors. Emerald Ocean — This venture capital advisory firm was established in August of The management team includes Justin Hartfield the founder of WeedMaps.

Included in the team is Bonnie Goldstein, a doctor that specializes in cannabis treatments and is the Medical Director of Canna-Centers. Great lineup, but then very little information as to what the firm has done since it was established. The focus is said to be on ancillary businesses. However, there has been little information on the fund since it was established and requests for an update were not answered. The web page for the fund has no information regarding a portfolio or amount of money raised.

In October of , MJ News reported the fund had looked at deals, but again there is little real information regarding this fund. All this investment money chasing small businesses is reminiscent of the dot com era and even the current silicon valley mood where start-ups are looking for funding even as they plan their exit strategy.

The difference here seems to be the due diligence. These investor groups are very focused on the viability and future of their companies. How do I talk to my teen about cannabis and other drugs? What are the side effects of cannabis use? What are the short-term effects? What are the long-term effects? What are the effects of second hand smoke? What are the known benefits?

How can cannabis affect young people's health? Will cannabis use impact my mental health? Can using cannabis trigger schizophrenia in some people? If I smoke pot and then breastfeed, will my baby get high? Can I become addicted? How do I find help for addiction? How can I help a friend who is addicted to cannabis?

What are the facts about impairment?

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