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The implications of these contrasting forms continues to be part of the continuing debates within legal studies and the application of legal research at both the domestic and the international level of investigation.

PAPERS of 2001

A 3D convolutional neural network for skull stripping. The Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery accepted. Springer International Publishing; Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin BVM , Bildverarbeitung in der Medizin BVM , Next Generation and Innovations, O March 25, ; doi: Possibilities and limits of current techniques. Development of an open-source surgical evaluation and training tool.

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Widespread white matter degeneration preceding the onset of dementia. Physics-based shape matching for intraoperative image guidance. Medical Physics 41 11 , , Can the use of blood-based biomarkers in addition to anthropometric indices substantially improve the prediction of visceral fat volume as measured by magnetic resonance imaging? European journal of nutrition Mobile markerless augmented reality and its application in forensic medicine.

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Time-of-Flight and Depth Imaging. Evaluating effectiveness and acceptance of robots in surgery: Novel Multi-Sensor Super-Resolution for Hybrid 3-D Endoscopy Proceedings of the 16th international conference on Medical image computing and computer-assisted intervention to appear , Free-water correction reveals wide spread differences between stable and converting MCI subjects. Free-water elimination for assessing microstructural gray matter pathology - with application to Alzheimer's Disease.

A novel tool to generate software phantoms of complex fiber geometries. Analysis of tractography biases introduced by anisotropic voxels. Voxel misassignments and their consequences in DTI skeleton-based group analyses.

A robust model-based approach to detect the mitral annulus in 3D ultrasound. Computer Assisted Analysis of Annuloplasty Rings. Navigierte ultraschallgeführte Leberpunktion mit integriertem EM Feldgenerator. Simulationsgestützte Operationsplanung bei angeborenen Herzfehlern: Separation virtueller chirurgischer Eingriffe vom Simulationsmodell.

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Minimally deformed correspondences between surfaces for intra-operative registration. Navigated targeting of liver lesions: Biomed Tech Berl , , Epub ahead of print. Interaktive 3D Segmentierung auf Basis einer optimierten 3D Oberflächeninterpolation mittels radialer Basisfunktionen. Meinzer, Springer Heidelberg, , pp Elektromagnetisches Tracking für die interventionelle Radiologie: Genauigkeitsuntersuchung und in-vitro Applikation eines neuen Feldgenerators.

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg, A combined approach for the elimination of partial volume effects in diffusion MRI. Automated scoring of regional lung perfusion in children from contrast enhanced 3D MRI. Registration of partially overlapping surfaces for range image based augmented reality on mobile devices.

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Automated quantification of adipose and skeletal muscle tissue in whole-body MRI data for epidemiological studies. Markerless navigation for percutaneous needle insertions. SPIE , R , http: Extending the doubly linked face list for the representation of 2-preudomanifolds and 2-manifolds with boundaries. Int J Comput Geom Ap, 21 4: Spectrally-encoded fibre-based structured lighting probe for intraoperative 3D imaging.

An electromagnetic navigation system for transbronchial interventions with a novel approach to respiratory motion compensation. Der Weg von der Forschung in die Regelversorgung. MDI Heft 2 CARS [Epub ahead of print] dx. Computer-assisted trajectory planning for percutaneous needle insertions. Einführung in die Grundlagen und Techniken der Diffusionsbildgebung. Radiologe 51 3 , dx. Navigated renal access using electromagnetic tracking: In Surgical Endoscopy, Epub 11 Sept.

By clicking on the icon "waste basket" the chosen position can irrevocably be deleted. All available tools are listed under the navigation point "tools". Some tools can only be used when logged in. To guarantee an impeccable functioning of the tools, the program Java has to be activated in the internet browser.

A single data file or several data files can simultaneously be downloaded by means of the download function. In order to download several data files simultaneously, the appropriate line in the box has to be chosen.

In case of csv data files, the chosen data will automatically be packed into a data file. In case of pdf data file, downloading will be effected by means of a zip data file. A few foreign securities from certain stock exchanges cannot be found on the financial information of Zürcher Kantonalbank by means of a security number. These securities have to be searched by means of the ISISN number or the name due to the fact that contractual alignments have been effected and Zürcher Kantonalbank no longer holds the license for the display.

Due to the fact that Zürcher Kantonalbank has not unlocked every index, no detailed data is available for these indices. Why are the buying respectively selling buttons not visible when I am logged in? If you don't see the buying respectively selling buttons, the option to hide these buttons has been activated under the user settings above the logout button on the right side. The user can change these settings at any time. How should I interpret the display "shares fallen respectively risen" in the virtual portfolio?

With respect to the closing price of the day, this graphical display shows those securities with price changes which are greater or less than 0. A performance between SBI Conf Future 8' Gold Crude oil 8' Yes, this application is compatible with the Safari browser. How do I find a security? Why don't I see real time prices? Where and how do I find a Zürcher Kantonalbank fund?

How can I delete single positions within the virtual portfolio? Where do I find the various tools? Why don't I find individual securities by means of the security number?

Why do I see in some indices no detailed positions? Are my portfolios and watch lists in sync with those in the prime terminal?

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