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After killing waves of enemies, Omega arives at the train station.

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Reconcile in seconds Let Xero import and categorise your latest bank transactions. Popular features that will change your life Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business. Mobile access Work anywhere across iOS and Android devices. Inventory Speed up the invoicing while tracking sales and purchases. Multi-currency Reconcile foreign currency accounts, with exchange rates updated hourly. Easy attachments Attach source documents to almost anything in Xero — invoices, bills and more.

Purchase orders Create and email custom purchase orders and copy to bills for payment. Expenses Handle personal expenses with ease. Just review and approve receipts. Bill payments Manage your cash flow by scheduling payments and batch paying suppliers.

Xero and Omega tries to destroy it but explodes. They're still alive but their armors are completely destroyed from the blast, including one of their weapons, Arctic Empress and Grudge. And Xero drops his destroyed Aeroblade. Omega told him one more blast of Kary they're out of commission, their weapons are still online. Xero realized Kary is exhausted, and even haven't been able to hit her again. Omega tell him that mask isn't a wonder weapon and it does take her powers off the chart. Xero get his damaged Light Arrow and bring that clown pay off.

Kary use the last of her powers against the ground making them can't see. Xero looks around until he sees Kary behind Omega. Omega turns around and gets impaled by Kary.

Xero tries to save Omega but Kary kicks him backwards. Omega drop his weapon, Terminator and tell Kary just business. Xero calls Omega's name and Omega's eyes is closed. Now Xero is the last remaining member of the Bolverk Squad. And Kary have only tied left between her past and future. Xero thought both were together, but Kary interrupt him and use her power to attack Xero and Xero get out of the way by dodging it. Kary begins to taunting him that this is his last stand. Xero then becomes enraged and she think he'll go down without the fight and told her to think again.

Then Xero and Kary fighting until Kary punches Xero to the ground. Kary tell him and Omega put up the fight and afraid this is the end of Xero's line. Kary tells Xero any last words and Xero becomes slient. Kary then prepare to kill Xero.

But Xero slice her between her mouth with his Light Arrow and show her the middle finger and hope Kary to choke with them. Then Kary prepares to kill Xero.

But Omega's grab her hand. Xero and Kary notices Omega is still alive. Omega grab Kary in the neck and throw her forward. Kary cannot believe it that his heart stop beating. Xero realized what was going on. Omega activate XV's corporeal form, sky turns red. Omega XV inside his body punches Kary and pummels her with the damaged Gauntlet. Kary teleport in front of Xero. Notices her eyes is flashing means almost dying Kary thinks this is some kind of sick joke to be killed by XV.

Kary say goodbye to Xero and summon her Longinus knife and tell she taking him down with her. As both fight Kary was able to slice and stab Omega. As she charge her power, but XV disable her powers and Omega grab her neck and prepares to kill Kary. Kary realized she going to be killed by infected Omega. Kary then plunges her knife into her abdomen, ending her own life, and halting her major malfunction.

After explosion, XV somehow survived the explosion and drops Kary's corpse into dust. Xero realized Kary is dead and cannot believe it. Then Omega starts attack Xero by breaking his ribs with the punch.

Omega attack and scratch him. Omega then slams the ground twice and thanks Xero for that and order him to finish him off. Xero tell him to walk it off.

Omega tell Xero that XV is taking over most of his body and mind. And told Xero that he is gonna rip his neck off in Xionic Madness 4 Part 1.

Xero tries to tell him, but Omega side no buts and told him if Xero don't kill Omega right now, both will be dead. Xero tell him that wasn't supposed to end this way. Omega then apologize to him for everything. Then Omega won't be able to hold XV anymore and order Xero to kill him now.

Xero said to Omega to see him in Hell. And Belverk Squad will be waiting for Xero. Xero then kill Omega. At the end, Xero became older, he still have the scars from the fight with Kary, he was shown speaking with his apprentice Enid at first.

It was shown that The New World Order founded their location, Xero and Enid prepared for the fight, Xero knew it will be his last battle before his own demise, since the XV virus will finally bring him down, before the battle, he told Enid that she have to live on, carry on their work, to shut down their organization and called the New Order.

At the after credit, it was shown Enid watching an old picture of Bolverk Squad, including Omega, Kary, Askard, and Xero, Xero wasn't visible at the time, and was no where to be seen, it is believe that he died after the battle, since Enid was seemingly standing on a battlefield. Xero is the fastest and most aggressive member of Bolverk squad and relies heavily on his speed and sharp blades to end the fight before his opponents have any chance to react.

His reaction time is off the charts, as even with his basic cyborg armor in the first series he is able to block incoming fire although sustained fire from a minigun will pass his defenses and is capable of killing multiple enemies in a very short time frame. Despite his emphasis on speed, he also has incredible strength, capable of swinging melee weapons around that weigh well over kilograms as if they were paper weights.

Despite lacking significant armor, he is still quite durable and can take many hits before becoming incapacitated, although he is not as robust as Omega is. As the series progresses he becomes capable of flying and engaging aircraft, and being able to block the heavy barrage of miniguns. His bladed weapons are capable of slicing through the thickest of armor with ease, making him a serious threat to any unit on the battlefield. Despite his emphasis on close quarters, he is almost never seen engaging in hand to hand combat except in a few rare circumstances.

He also begins to gain access to weapons that have a limited degree of long range capabilities, the Aeroblade and Light Arrow being the two biggest contributors.

Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. But then, to access via the Android app, you have to use the password on your phone lots of luck if you generated a long, highly random password in the expectation of never using it again , and then it DEMANDS that you go back to the web interface and enable two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator before allowing the phone to log in. After that, back on the phone, you have to get the code from Authenticator and flip back to the Xero app; you'd better be quick!

From a security point of view, Xero has made it worse, not better. As an accounting package, my initial impressions are that it's OK leaves MYOB for dead, but that's not difficult , but the integration with GSuite is not just poor - it's broken, and actually degrades security while making life difficult for the user.

There doesn't seem to be any integration with drive at all. Online payment acceptance is nice. It's OK, but disjointed and clunky.

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