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The exported file showed that in the file details as well. Concerning the screen-shot of the medline publication: Or do I really have to add spaces manually to all references that I want to cite in a paper???? You may think you have fixed the problem, but you haven't.

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Annual Report of the Jenoptik Group Over the past year we have presented ourselves to the market with clear structures along the lines of our five divisions.

This helps us to make efficient use of our comprehensive technology portfolio, focusing on complete value chains. I don't see why it should not work, what is your RIS output? When exporting from endnote it works. I am trying to import references from EndNote to Zotero 2. Error message, both times: Please ensure that the file is valid and try again.

They are mostly broken links referring to where they were stored on an older computer. I don't really care if I import the internal links, though I would like to retain the web links. How do I know if this is what is causing the problem? If this is indeed the problem, how do I fix it? I have a large number of PDF files that are saved on my hard drive and in reference manager I access them from the 'link to PDF' field. To get rid of these junk characters, cut and paste the whole exported file from notepad and into word note that the junk characters are still there.

You should be able to find and replace these but I was not able to cut and paste these characters into the find field of find and replace. However I found that if I cut and paste this back into the note pad, the character disappeared, however it was replaced with a space.

To get rid of the space, you can e. It should look like a simple path link in my example above. Or similarly each record should look similar to the record above. As long as your RIS input files follow the above format, it should work.

October 22, edited October 25, I just imported a large Reference Manager database into zotero 2. The problems I faced were: The automatic recognition only worked sometimes It has a special role in the "N1 - " record. So far the result looks good, but it might be worthy to do some global edit things in reference manager before the export, like making author and journal names abbreviations!

As far as I know zotero lacks such functionality. The original reference manager ID appears under "Extra: November 22, edited November 22, Unfortunately, I additionally get for each imported publication - a note containing the whole "N1"-subgroup e.

Is there any way to bulk-remove both the notes and the screen-shots, or better not to generate these unwanted items at first place? Thanks a lot for your comments in advance! December 9, edited December 9, I just face the following problem: Autor initials got imported as Mister M. No Space between M.

Adding a space solves the problem. Is there anything I have missed? Or do I really have to add spaces manually to all references that I want to cite in a paper???? I tried several styles. Always the same problem The need to put spaces between initials is an old bug in Zotero 2.

This will be fixed in Zotero 2. Thanks, that's good news! Maybe I stay with 2. But I'm really happy that I do not have to edit all references ;-.

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