Rate falls on 3-month Treasury bills

Activity spikes on BATU counter.

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Note that if you specified a rate which is significantly higher than the rate offered by the Central Bank, your bid will fail, so be careful when specifying the rate. Second, is the non competitive bid, here you leave your interest rate to the discretion of the bank or the discount house acting as an agent for the central bank. You must agree to be bound by whatever the interest rate you are given is. Interest rates differ from bank to bank and from discount house to discount house.

You do not get interest, or any form of monthly interest rates on treasury bills, remember that they are discounted upfront. There would be no regular notifications or updates on the treasury bills save for the debit alert at the date of issuance and the credit alert at the date of maturity when the government pays back the money. It is best that you ask for a certificate or statement evidencing the transaction from your bank.

The certificate is called a Treasury Bill Certificate, it is a detailed statement evidencing your investment in treasury bills and this certificate is what is used as a document when the Treasury bill is to be used as collateral.

You should note that an administrative fee of 0. Also, you are allowed to sell your treasury bills over the counter with any primary dealer. The prices are subject to fluctuations in the market and you may not make as much of a profit as you would have if you had left the bills till the fixed date of maturity.

To calculate the returns on your investment, you would subtract the discounted price from the face value and divide it by the discount price, then multiply by , which would give you the percentage increase that amounts to the yield on your investments. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox.

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It is similar case for the day Treasury bill whose interest rate has significantly surged. The bank received bids worth The securities in the auction attracted bids worth The government during the auction accepted bids worth This performance is incomparable to some weeks ago when interest rates were at the lowest level, especially for the day Treasury bill.

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