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North Italian painters of the Renaissance. The aborigines of Porto Rico and neigh- boring islands. The bone metastases of hypernephroma.

Ford dealers nearly new cars and Ford dealer used cars, direct to Stockton on Tees

Revolutionary techniques and a wealth of experience have enabled high-precision and high-resolution mammography. We invite you to join the Fujifilm community in your favorite social media networks in your region. Sustainable development requires us to take action to reduce environmental impact and raise awareness.

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The Committee's re- port. The Com- mittee's report. The application of storage batteries to lighting and power plants. Installations of "chloride accumulators" in small central lighting and power stations. Anderson and W, C. Greene, President, at the stock- holders' meeting, July 22, The boys' book of locomotives.

Traite dc Tanalyse des etoffes indiquant les moyens pratiques d'analyser en vuc de leur reproduction ou dans tout autre but les etoffes de toute nature: Their physical, micro- scopical and chemical properties. Merchants' Association of New York. Committee on City Conditions. Maintenance of pavements and adminis- tration of streets in the city of N. Herausgegeben von Bernhard Neumann. Remco's Manual of apartment house ser- vice.

The underflow of the South Platte valley. Water supply and irrigation papers. A text-book of electrical engineering. Translated from the German Practical treatise upon self-acting mules. Dredging for gold in California. The mechanics of hoisting machinery, including accumulators, excavators and pile-drivers.

Authorised transla- tion from the 2d German edition by Karl P. IrrigatioiL Brand, Charles John. A new tvpe of red clover. Bureau of Plant Industry. By the au- thor of "Our farm of four acres. A manual on cattle for the use of the far- mers of Georgia. How and when to collect white pmc seed. Commissioner of Agricul- ture and Labor. The state's re- sources, agricultural, industrial. X40 Current numbers are kept in the Periodical Room. Illustrations by Augusta Guest and G.

Vernon Stokes, and from photographs. The romance of the world's fisheries. The law and customs of riot duty. A guide for National Guard officers and civil au- thorities, with commentaries on federal aid. Fortification; its past achievements, re- cent development, and future progress. Champions of the fleet.

Captains and men-of-war and days that helped to make the Empire. Internationale Revue iiber die gesammten Armeen und Plot ten. From sail to steam. Recollections of naval life. Proceedings of the tenth annual reunion of the Yates Phalanx, 39th Regiment, Infantry, at Gibson City, Illinois, October 8th, The spirit of old West Point. Geschichte der Feldzuge C.

Text, Portrait; Atlas, 46 maps and plans. Two Dianas in Somaliland. The record of a shooting trip. Education by plays and games. Stanley Halt Bibliography, pp. Weston-Subedge, Gloucestershire, England, Parish. The last records of a Cotswold commu- nity: Preface by Sidney Webb.

Drawmgi by Edmund H. Autfaoritiet and references, pp. X6 ComioUy, James Brendan. Between the dark and the daylight. The betrothal of Elvpholate and other tales of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Days off, and other digressions. The fruit of the tree. The old Peabody pew. A Christmas ro- mance of a country church. The fair Lavinia, and others. TPar] Mary Floran [pseud.

Avec une pre- face par Adolphe Brisson. Le loup dans la bergerie. Abraham Lincoln, der Befreier der Ne- gersklaven. Eine Erzahlung fiir die Ju- gend. Der Sommerarzt und andere Novellen. Autorisierte Ubersetzung aus dem Danischen von Mathilde Mann. A story of early Ken- tucky.

The spirit of the school. Stories of Mother Goose Village. Z Canfield, Dorothy, and others. What shall we do now? Five hundred games and pastimes. The friendship of Anne. Fire fighters and their pets. The little fig-tree stories. Little folk of Brittany. Anno Jungman, Beatrix. The wonderful adventures of Nils. Two children in the woods. Fjsr z Southworth, Gertrude Van Duyn. Builders of our country. Z0 Myths from many lands.

Tangerine, a child's letters from Morocco. The Peter Pan picture book. Z For Hall use. X Worcester Woman's Club, Worcester. The Franklin year book. Compiled by Wallace Rice. Smith, Joseph Jenckes, compiler. New index to the civil and military lists of Rhode Island. Edited by Hamilton Hume, illustrated by John Proctor. Books added to the Branch Libraries. Allies, Mary Helen Agnes.

Ba zsa Altshder, Joseph Alexander. Y Barbour, Ralph Henry. Lj 75a3 From a college window. Lj 75a2 The Upton letters. LJ Bmeck, Heinrich. History of the Catholic Church Ruz Burnett, Frances Hodgson. Edited by Charles G. The romance of modern photography: Fo Guggenberger, Anthony.

A general history of the Christian era. Co Gmnan, Joseph. With full page color plates after pamtings by Anita Le Roy and. Electricity for young people. Nq First years in handicraft.

From the Swedish, translated by Velma Swan- ston Howard. Y Lang, Andrew, editor. Y 26 Murray, John O'Kanc. Lives of the Catholic heroes and heroines of America. B Parker, Sir Gilbert. A tale of England and Egypt of fifty years ago. Plates, asp 15 Porter, Sydney. Heart of the West. In the Devil's Alley. Figure drawing for children. Em 5 Contents. January Vallery-Radot, Marie Ren6. The life of Pasteur. Translated from the French by Mrs. IV 3 Voogt, Gos. Translated from the French by Katharine P.

Fdited for America by Charles William Burkett. N8 Walsh, James Joseph. The thirteenth, greatest of centuries. Da Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Bidet, Francois, docteur en droit. Fr6d6ric Bastiat, Thomme, Teconomiste. Manuel pratique pour I'application de la loi sur le repos hebdomadaire. Brassey, Sir Thomas, ist Baron Brassey. Sixty years of progress; and the new fis- cal policy. Die landlichen Gemeinguter Allmen- den in Preussen.

I have a little money: The cycles of speculation. The pitfalls of speculation. Der Teilbau in Frankreich. The economic extension of cotton culti- vation in the South. Zur Entwicklung der Baumwollindustrie in Deutschland. Charts i9o8 [Abhandlungen dcs staatswissenschaft- lichen Seminars zu Jena. Meyer, Rudolf, of Bonn. Die zukunftige Richtung unserer Handels- politik. A history of Virginia banks and banking prior to the Civil War. Welsford, Joseph William Wilson.

The strength of nations. An argument from history. A plan of city government. The Province of Burma. A report pre- pared on behalf of the University of Chi- cago. The British state telegraphs. A study of the problem of a large body of civil ser- vants in a democracy.

The higher municipal appointive offices and the merit system. Preliminary re- port of a committee. Behold the days come. A fancy in Chris- tian politics.

Forty years at the Five Points House of Industry. Local bulletin [of the 34th annual confer- ence held at Minneapolis from June 12 to 19, Adam Smith and modern sociology. A study in the methodology of the social sciences. Le Second Empire Women's Industrial Council, London. Bill for an act to provide a charter for City of Chicago. Draft of proposed charter, as submitted by Committee on rules, procedure and general plan. Proceedings of the Convention, Feb- bruary, March, Ley sobre recepciones y privilegios de los agentes diplomiticos acreditados cerca del gobierno de Honduras.

Ley sobre misiones consulares extranjeras. Contestacion al Mensaje del presidente constitucional de la Republica. Anexo i la Memoria preseritada por la Secretaria de rela- ciones exteriores al Congreso na- cional, enero de Memoria presentada al Congreso na- January Clonal legislativo, acerca de los actos del poder ejecutivo durante el afio econ6mico de i Memoria presentada al Congreso na- cional legislativo, acerca de los actos del poder ejecutivo, del 31 de julio dc al 31 de diciembre de A short list of references suggested in connection with the lectures before the Lowell Institute by Morris H.

All titles in the lists illustrative of the Lowell Lectures are fur- nished in each case by the lecturer himself, who alone is responsible for their extent and character. Les medecins grecs in Rome. Nvovi scavi di Pompei: Appendice a dipinti mvrali. Voyaee agricole chez les anciens. Gallus, Oder romische Scenen aus der Zeit Augusts. Das antike Buchwesen in seinem Verhiilt- niss zur Litteratur. Cicero and his friends. The education of children at Rome. Roman society from Nero to Marcus Au- relius.

Games, ancient and oriental, and how to play them. The Roman festivals of the period of the Republic. The worship of the Romans and the New Testament. La ville, les moeurs, les arts. Frontinus and his II. Society in Rome under the Caesars. The private life of the Romans. La famille dans la society romaine. Pagan and Christian Rome.

La vie priv6e des Romains. Ouvrage tra- duit par V. With lists of ma- sons' marks cut in the stone. Roman life in Pliny's time. Translated by Maud Wilkinson. The topography and monuments of an- cient Rome. Atlas of classical antiquities. A dictionary of Greek and Roman antiq- uities.

Roman life under the Caesars. Religion und Kultus der Romer. Mun- ch en, Pounded in by John Lowell Jr. For the present — the sixty-ninth — season, six distinct Series are provided, to all of which Admission is free but only under certain condi- tions , as follows: Further information in regard to the several Series is given below.

The Roman World, by Morris H. Morgan, Professor of Classi- 2. The Struggle for Life. Private Life of the Ancient Romans, i. The Fathers, — East. Aspects of an Ancient City Fathers, — West. On Mon- and its People. Childhood, — Education, days and Thursdays, beginning Monday, Games.

The Family, — Marriage, Di- January Daily Life, — Dress. Daily Life, by Theodore W. Re- Chemistry in Harvard University, on The ligion. On Mondays and ning Wednesday, January 8, Thursdays at 8 p. The Ninth Course will be eight lectures February On Tuesdays and Fridavs at ning Monday, March On the Bulletin for November, , pp.

On Thursday Evenings at 8 o'clock. No tickets are required. A Study of Portraiture. Illustrated by stereopticon slides painted from the originals by the lecturer.

Some interesting Irish Antiquities. Civic Development in South America. Aesthetic Improvement of Waterfronts. Central Library, Copley Square. Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St. South Boston Branch, Broadway. Parker Hill Room, Tremont St. City Point Reading Room. Deacon John Dun- ham of Plymouth, Massachusetts, 15, , and his descendants. X contains stanzas in praise of New England etlebritiei; vol. The ghosts of Piccadilly.

The queen of letter writers: Marquise de Sevigne, Dame de Bourbilly. Henry Hudson; his times and his voyages. A sister af Marie Antoinette. The life- story of Maria Carolina. Queen of Na- ples.

Reminiscences of a soldier's wife. Claude, , Memoirs of Monsieur Claude. Chief of Police under the Second Empire. Trans- lated by Katharine Prescott Wormeley. The real Sir Richard Burton. Life and public services of William Pitt Fessenden The life of Louis XL, the rebel dauphin and the statesman king.

Recollections of my life. Trans- lated from the German by Frederic Whyte. When men grew tall, or the story of An- drew Jackson.

The story of the birth- place of Robert Burns, from the feuing of the ground by William Burnes in June, until the present day. Edited by Sir John Knox Laughton. Jean Paul, der Verfasser der Levana. A sketch of his life. A princess of the old world [Anne Marie Louise d'Orleans. Duchesse de Mont- pensier]. William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.

Trans- lated by H. Chaytor, assisted by Mary Morison. With an introduction by Hugh E. PP- Sewdl, Elizabeth Missing. Edited by her niece Eleanor L. The life and public services of George Luther Stearns. Tel Sono, the Japanese reformer. Inserted is a picture of the author, autographed in Japanese and English. Victoria, Queen of Great Britain. A selection from Her Majesty's correspondence between the years and Myers, Philip van Ness.

The truth about the Congo. The Chicago Tribune articles. A histpry of Milan under the Sforza. Edited by Edward Armstrong. Bradford-on-Avon; a history and descrip- tion. Annotated and brought up to date by J. Court life of the Second French Empire. A short ac- count of the old manor house of Ful- ham. Z68 Roth, Carl. Sdgnobos, Michel Jean Charles. History of medixval and of modern civili- zation to the end of the seventeenth cen- tury. Translation edited by James Alton James.

An advanced history of Great Britain, from the earliest times to the death of Queen Victoria. The thirteeenth, greatest of centuries. Aldrich, Lewis Cass, editor.

History of Franklin and Grand Isle coun- ties, Vermont, with illustrations and bio- graphical sketches of some of the prom- inent men and pioneers. Northwestern fights and fighters. The geogrraphy, history, constitution and civil government of Vermont. Also constitution and civil government of the U. A sou- venir of founding days. Grant, Lincoln, and the freedmen. Remi- niscences of the Civil War with special reference to the work for the contra- bands and freedmen of the Mississippi Valley.

Catholics and the American Revolution. Extracted from ancient records, papers and accounts taken from William Arnold, Samuel Bulkly, and John Summers, some of the first settlers. Morris, Charles, of Philadelphia. The old South and the new. A complete illustrated history of the Southern States. Two centuries of New Milford. An account of the bi-centennial celebration of the founding of the town held June 15, 16, 17 and 18, French colonists and exiles in the United States.

The story of the White House. In olde New York. Sketches of old times and places in both the state and the city. The catacombs of Rome and a history of the tombs of the apostles Peter and Paul. India proofs be- fore letter.

English society of the eighteenth century in contemporary art. The Cathedral Church of Saint Asaph. A description of the building and a short history of the see. Great buildings, and how to enjoy them.

The cathedrals and churches of Northern Italy. Cross, Alfred William Stephens. Public baths and wash-houses. A treatise on their planning, design, arrangement, and fitting. With chapters on Turk- ish, Russian, and other special baths, public laundries, engineering, heating, water supply, etc.

The old Venetian palaces and old Vene- tian folk. Illustrations by Trevor H ad- don. Die Kunstdenkmaler des Siegkreises. Plans, f Cle- men, Paul. Kunstdenkmaler der Rhcin- provinz. Band 5, Theil 4. Part 4 Rose, Elise Whitlock. Cathedrals and cloisters of midland France.

With illustrations from orig- inal photographs by Vida Hunt Francis. Containing 46 ex- amples of the artist's work in brush, pen and pencil. Dutch and Flemish furniture. Final de la 4e sonate de rcetivre XII. Transcription pour piano par Noel Des- joyeaux.

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