"wieder aufgenommen werden" in English

German Die Gespräche können also alsbald wieder aufgenommen werden.

"aufgenommen" English translation

All the group chairmen had asked us to incorporate this as an additional amendment. On the other hand, large forest areas can absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere, a process that counteracts the greenhouse effect. And again, they only absorb light at particular colors when electrons jump up and fall down, jump up and fall down. Die Integration des Anwalts, der in die Anwaltschaft des Aufnahmestaates aufgenommen werden möchte, soll erleichtert werden.

Secondly, the integration of lawyers wishing to join the bar of the host country is to be facilitated. Gibt es eine Ausschreibung? We are a long way from being able to take up normal relations with this country.

I think it is now up to you to pick up the ball and run with it. Mr President, Europe cannot take all the misery of the world on its shoulders. I therefore believe that we must take a generally positive view of this report. Although we in Europe are willing to accept those immigrants who are prepared to assimilate , we have to tell those who are not that they must go back to their countries of origin. On behalf of the PPE-DE Group, therefore, I greatly welcome the fact that Mr Schwaiger's report has again included safeguarding cultural diversity in the catalogue of demands.

According to the Commission's latest information, the maize has not yet been included in any plant type catalogue , which means that the maize cannot yet be cultivated in any EU country.

You said that you do not believe that we should enter into new negotiations. If Turkey wants to enter into accession negotiations, it still needs to make a great deal of effort. Sometimes, you may not be able to get in touch with a site's webmaster, or they may refuse to take down the content in question. If you want to record the macro in a particular file, you must first open the file.

Will it or will it not be made a rule that all Member States must receive refugees? It is true that the European Union cannot receive all of the world's poor onto its territory. It is proposed that 14 year-olds should have their fingerprints taken and stored in a register.

Enter the URL of the file to be assigned to the current floating frame into this text field. If we do not include falls from heights, the only certainty is that there will be more and the rate will increase. Sie können mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen , um eine Anhebung Ihres Abrechnungsgrenzbetrags über den üblichen Höchstwert hinaus anzufordern.

You can contact us to request an increase your billing threshold above the usual maximum. The Commission's first proposal was well received by this House. It is not the custom in this House to substitute a long text for a calendar. Perhaps you can clarify the way in which the Office might initiate investigations. On the basis of such an application, the FSUIT will initiate a recognition procedure and contact the applicant.

Es ist etwas, was man durch Nahrung aufnimmt. Consumers want to know that they are not ingesting excessive residues of antibiotics when they eat meat. They haven't asked me what kind of the quality of the drinking water that I put in my mouth or the food that I ingest into my stomach. We need to establish the facts and then take action where necessary.

If everything goes according to plan, this council could be established by the end of He used the words 'within a reasonable period we would open negotiations '. I have other requests to speak, but I do not wish to re- open the debate. The Maritime Safety Agency has to start operating as soon as possible.

If countries wish to include it voluntarily that is a matter for them. It is very important that we include CIA flights in this report. In other words, we do not need to re-negotiate the text; we merely need to adopt this text in the directive. The existing insurance groups would have to raise considerable funds on the money market to finance their increased own funds requirements.

The Council was not prepared to admit that as a part of the report. We want new categories to be admitted to allow people over this very difficult hurdle. We had a team out watching this glacier, and we recorded the biggest calving event that's ever been put on film. It's a photograph I took in the Northwest Amazon just last April. And when you take a photograph with a camera, the process ends when you press the trigger.

Wir verbringen wirklich Tag und Nacht damit, zu versuchen, einzigartige Aufnahmen zu machen. But we truly do spend day and night trying to capture unique footage. In the case of the capture spiral, it needs to be so stretchy to absorb the impact of flying prey.

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English re- more in turn also likewise. English incorporated recorded taken in entered captured admitted to affiliated picked up hosted absorbed ingested signed up assimilated housed resorbed.

English accept to incorporate to absorb to host to take up to pick up to take in to assimilate to catalogue to resorb to soak up to sop up to take on to enter into to enter on to take down to take on to take to record to receive to store to file to increase to house to initiate to ingest to videotape to sign up to audiotape to tape-record to tape to establish to open to start to start to include to accept to affiliate to adopt to hold to raise to receive to admit to film to photograph to take a photograph of to enroll to enrol to inaugurate to lift up to survey and record to capture to gather to envelop to mop up to wipe up.

English shall to become to will to turn to grow to turn out to be to shall to come into existence to get to go to wax. Context sentences Context sentences for "wieder aufgenommen werden" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. German Was über die physiologischen Wirkungen gesagt wurde, muss wieder aufgenommen werden.

German Die Europäische Union hat dazu beigetragen, dass der Dialog wieder aufgenommen werden konnte. German Dieser Wunsch ist angebracht, und die Verhandlungen müssen unbedingt wieder aufgenommen werden.

German Ich hoffe sehr, dass die Friedensgespräche im Nahen Osten in naher Zukunft wieder aufgenommen werden. German Diese Schlacht ging verloren, sie muss jetzt aber wieder aufgenommen werden. German Diese Frage muss hier wieder aufgenommen werden und immer wieder Gegenstand der Debatte in diesem Parlament sein.

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