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She rejects his apology, and he travels to Trenton —the "Big City"—to find Ben, Ginny's former debate partner. What if we met a kid that was lured into the spelling bee because he was in love with a girl? Though Hal initially declines, he finds himself besotted with Ginny and agrees to be her partner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Ben is satisfied with their efforts, but Hal finds Ginny before leaving. He insists that one day will be his day, while she tells him that it was not easy for her to betray him as he walks off, having gained a sense of confidence. He spends the evening at a nearby beach, and when his father picks him up, Hal tries to tell him that life and love "shouldn't be rocket science", although he is unable to say the phrase "rocket science" due to his stutter.

Blitz and the film's producers considered having celebrity cameos in Hal's parents' roles, though he decided that cameos would draw away from the film as the celebrities would not be "onscreen long enough for them to become someone other than the celebrity".

Film critic Justin Chang, writing for Variety , summarized the film as "eloquent about love, self-realization and adolescent angst". The film takes its title from Hal's closing quote that understanding life and love "shouldn't be rocket science". Blitz described Hal as "lost in the mystery of love" and he "loved the idea that a kid who is lost when he's confronted by love and sex would be saddled with the name Hal Hefner", an homage to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Blitz believed that Hal's stuttering was a metaphor for his lack of mastery of life and love: And so much of his life is like that. There is still a question about whether their content of what they're talking about matches up with what they're feeling or trying to express. Whether it's the kid who's talking a million miles an hour, but saying nothing or the kid who isn't able to get out any word at all they're both at the mercy of not knowing how to express what's inside them. After the success of his documentary Spellbound , Jeffrey Blitz was encouraged by his agents to write fiction because of the larger revenue brought in by fiction films.

What if we met a kid that was lured into the spelling bee because he was in love with a girl? While many parts of Rocket Science are completely fictitious, a number of the story's details are lifted directly from Blitz's own experiences.

In several scenes of the film, Hal is trying to ask for a slice of pizza but cannot say the word "pizza"; this is drawn from Blitz's experience of trying to order a hamburger from hotel room service without being able to say the word "hamburger". Blitz hired Belgian Jo Willems as the cinematographer , having collaborated previously on commercials. Blitz admired Willems' "European sensibility about shooting" and wanted to use his aesthetic to "tell a story that was equal parts deadpan and suggestive of the 'real' world".

Through the film, he used lighting and art direction that felt real, while framing the shots to come across as deadpan. The color palette in both production and costume design was drab and ordinary to give a deadpan undertone. He has a masterful blending of absurd comedy and naturalism. The night before filming began, Blitz took Thompson, Piazza and Yoo to dinner, insisting that they stay in character. Thompson, as Hal, was unable to tell the waitress what he wanted to order; Piazza, as Earl, obsessive-compulsively asked the waitress for a fresh straw each time she passed; and Yoo, as Heston, could not decide what to order and had the waitress explain the menu repeatedly.

Principal photography began in Baltimore , Maryland on the week beginning July 18, , the project receiving a tax rebate as part of Baltimore's Employer Wage Rebate Program for filmmakers. This was important because Reece Thompson, who was sixteen years old at the time, appears in almost every scene.

Jeffrey Blitz wanted the film's music to be "sweet and a touch melancholy and just a step out of rhythm", demonstrating Hal's sense of himself in the world, and to express his teenage angst while "maintain[ing] an underlying sweetness". And Jeffrey [Blitz] had gotten a little bee in his bonnet about the accordion The Violent Femmes' songs were chosen for the film by Blitz before filming had begun as he believed that they expressed "the rage of love gone wrong better than any band out there", and they allowed their songs to be used in the film after reading the script.

When reviewed by the Motion Picture Association of America , Rocket Science was rated R for strong sexual language, brief sex, brief nudity, some violence and a scene depicting teen drinking. Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert gave the film 3. He suspected that "a lot of high school students will recognize elements of real life in the movie. Other reviews were less positive. Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly graded Rocket Science as a C , calling the film "one of those terminally annoying, depressive-yet-coy Sundance faves in which the tale of a mopey teen misfit unfolds behind a hard candy shell of irony".

He was impressed by Thompson's portrayal of Hal, "bursting with authenticity", but wrote that the supporting characters "never have the chance to ring true" in a cast "overflowing with unnecessary hokey colorfulness". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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