List of 20 Best O and A Level Private Schools in Karachi

Once the Baraat reaches the venue the Grooms family will set a display of fireworks and accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol, dance away. They live and enjoy each moment of their lives.

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S has founded in that convey an exact British curriculum with qualified staff. The BOS is an offering pre-nursery to a level education in Karachi and selective coeducational school. The British Overseas School is accommodated in modern style and purpose to facilitate the students of Karachi. The curricular activities like cricket, football, music, chess, as well as dance build confidence and creativeness among students. KGS is also well-known schools that are based on the British education system.

It was established in and promises to provide an excellent educational experience for all its students. It was established in and one of the leading schools of Karachi. The extremely talented and passionate teachers teach the students from nursery to O levels. The well-reputed school of Karachi was founded in C. S and provides quality education from O level to advance A level. This school system was started in and the German educationalist laid the foundation of it.

Therefore, if you are talented and looking for higher education in abroad, then Froebels is the best place for you. Beacon House School System has been working since in Pakistan and provides the quality education for O-A level students. Bay View High school is an independent and coeducational institution in Karachi, which is established in This school is providing British system of education in which students can enjoy a strong educational status.

The selective Roman educational institution was founded in and providing quality education to students. This institution enhances Co-curricular abilities and has a good name in O-A level studies. FGS also offers O-A level education and the largest school system has been working in Pakistan since This O-A level school has been working since and it is a Catholic school for girls.

Moreover, 5 sisters established it and teachers keen to provide quality organized education that enhances extra abilities in students. It is established in and has many branches in Karachi. The weather is mild.

Never gets too hot or too cold. Thank you for your feedback! Writing on Quora just got easier for Chrome users with Grammarly. Grammarly's writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. Learn More at grammarly. Which is the better city to live: Which city is better to live in, Mumbai or Karachi? Is life in Karachi improving? Which city is bigger: How is your experience living in Karachi, Pakistan?

Get smarter with day courses delivered in easy-to-digest emails every morning. Get started for free! Learn More at gohighbrow. Answered Oct 18, Karachi is the largest and the most populated city of Pakistan. It is also called "the city of lights" due to its night life. Karachi is the central hub for all business activities. It has the main port of the country. Every year countless people come to Karachi in order to find jobs and to study. Quora User , lives in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Answered Oct 24, Top residential areas include; 1. S 6 North nazimabad 7. Answered Jan 30, Quora User , lived in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Karachi is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan, and most populated too.

People of different ethnicities and religions live in Karachi. A beautiful city known as "The city of lights". The economic hub of this country. Everyone in this country come to Karachi with some dreams.

My stay in Karachi was at a time when the situation of the city was no too friendly for the people. The security condition was much worse that time. Mugging and snatching was too common. You couldn't roam the streets of Karachi freely if you had an expensive mobile phone with you. Since I lived in hostel, so I was saved from mugging thankfully and neither did I have an expensive phone too: P Anyway, apart from that, the people are way too more friendly and educated.

They live and enjoy each moment of their lives. Whether it's someone birthday, or a wedding, or any other party, the Karachites truly knows how to celebrate those events. The city is active at night, where people go to different malls and restaurants, people usually go to the beach on a rainy day or when the weather is good.

The people are too friendly and are expert in conversations, that too in a funny one. If you are an introvert, like me, and you are stuck in a group of Karachites, whose only motive is to tease you, than may God be with you: Anyway, I enjoyed those beautiful 4 years in Karachi and now I am missing that city badly.

Answered Sep 27, That is why Karachi is Love; in fact it is our Life! Updated Aug 1, It is the most diverse and arguably the only city in Pakistan which has people from every nook and corner of the country - and they are as much Karachiites as the people living here for hundreds of years, it is by far the most open city in the country. But then there are managerial issues - and they are getting worse. There is virtually no security unless you can afford it yourself , there's acute water shortage, public transport is a mess, low cost housing does not exist, and more.

But even with all these issues - the spirit of this weirdly amazing city refuses to die down. If we can get some Karachiites to manage this city, there is no doubt that this city will never let anyone escape its love. Karachi is a wonderful rich exciting city filled with true Pakistani diversity in both population and cultural heritage. Delicious food around every corner, wares from around the world and a friendly if not slightly fast talking populace.

Now there are negatives like the security situation and the corruption which is both petty and large depending on the situation, along with a healthy dose of nepotism but it's truly an amazing place and I can honestly say things have gotten much better over time.

Also karachi is one of the cheapest places I've ever lived in, even with rising prices, you can live here fairly well if you have a decent income even.

Quora User , Psychology isn't my subject but I have interest in it. I don't know much about how is it like But there must be something as I have noticed many Karachilians feeling immense pride in living in Karachi, talking about Karachi, colors of Karachi all the time like if it isn't Karachi and rather a city of America..

If you talk about education then I would say that schools, colleges and universities in Karachi have better standard of education. If i were to ever live in Karachi then it would be only for education purpose otherwise it's hell boring there!

Answered Feb 1, Answered Jan 29, Answered Oct 7, Karachi is that one city which leaves me without words. For that reason I'd quote Kamila Shamsie who perfectly sums what it is like to live in Karachi. When I read the Dawn on line and then looked around me to the pristine surroundings of campus life, I knew that every other city in the world only showed me its surface, but when I looked at Karachi I saw the blood running through and out of its veins; I knew that I understood the unspoken as much as the articulated among its inhabitants; I knew that there were so many reasons to fail to love it, to cease to love it, to be unable to love it, that it made love a fierce and unfathomable thing; I knew I couldn't think of Karachi and find any easy answers, and I didn't know how to decide if that was reason to go back or reason to stay away.

Answered Oct 9, Answered Oct 11, I am Currently living in Karachi so i think i am eligible to answer you know, that there are big problems in big cities as is the problem of urbanization here in Karachi there are Transportation problems Electricity shortage and sometimes Water shortage is there and parking, etc. Related Questions What is the approximate monthly cost of living in Karachi, Pakistan?

How safe is Karachi? Who are the tech entrepreneurs living in Karachi? What does it feel like to live in Islamabad? Was Karachi a better city before partition?

What is it like living in Bahria Town Karachi? Prayers and blessings will be read and cake will be cut. From this point the wedding day is priority for everyone, dates are pencilled in diaries and everyone prepares!

The Family normally take sweets along as this a formal tradition. The first major ceremony that will take place is the Nikkah- this is the signing of a marriage contract between the couple. This should be done in front of two witnesses at minimum but usually the family and close relatives will attend.

It is a small and straight forward function but after the Imam has left, there are various customs carried out: Once the Nikkah has been performed, the Bride is veiled and made to sit next to the Groom for the first time.

The Groom will unveil her and hopefully fall in love: After moments of delight, the Bride and Groom will feed each other mitai Asian Sweets , and family and friends will congratulate the couple. Choor — The Grooms family will hand over a Choor a Scarf packed with gifts and healthy sweets for the Bride and her family. The Bride and Groom are happily married now but this is only the beginning, there is a huge party to organise! Usually it is hosted by different households, each showing their happiness of the marriage.

The idea was to build hype before the actual wedding day so everyone was invited. You can argue that the family should be happy and optimistic but it is difficult for any father to let go of his princess. About two or three days prior to the wedding day, the Henna Ceremony will take place- where guests apply henna on the Bride.

Traditionally the Mehndi function begun with a few friends coming over to the Brides home to apply Mendhi, this developed in to a function for the guy too where oil tael was applied to his head. This has become one of the main functions now so many people are invited. Its common for the Bride and Groom to look casual on this day though. Close relatives will wear matching sherwanis to go with the theme, which normally revolves around yellows and greens.

There is usually a dance-off between the boys and girls but most of the evening is spent with guests applying mendhi and oil to the Bride and Groom. As part of the tradition, the Bride was not required to work in her marital home till the mehndi faded away. The only purpose is to create an entrance for them as it would be awkward if they walk in all alone.

Doli — Some families will carry the Bride in using the traditional Dholi, this was to treat her like a Princess. Candles — The family is also led by the girls carrying tea-light candle plates, this is based on the Hindu tradition of avoiding bad luck and sending oms to the Gods. In the Pakistani tradition, no such thing happens but as part of the general theme it looks decorous.

Some of the girls will also dance using dandiya decorated sticks. The idea of marriage is about tying the knot, so the best friends are like, im with you all the way whilst this knot is being tied. Scarves — During the Mendhi guests will also shroud the mother and grandma with a scarf. A scarf symbolises modesty which is an eloquent trait, so to show happiness, guests will use a scarf.

It would be equivalent to handing over a bouquet of flowers. The mother will begin by tying a turban around his head and shrouding him in a sparkly scarf.

The sisters will then take him for a walk whilst taking turns to wave flowers chatiyah on his head and carry a water pot khara on their heads. The remainder of the family normally sing songs or drummers will be called to keep the momentum going.

The turban symbolises importance and leadership i. Flowers are symbolic for happiness and joy so its why the sisters dangle flowers on their brothers head. Traditionally, the sister also prepared water for her brother, she would go to the well and fill up a pot Khara with water, this was a joyous act as she had the honour to prepare water for her brothers morning bath. This developed in to a trend and became symbolic, so now, most women will take turns to carry a Karah on their heads.

On the following morning, the groom will take a bath using this water and drink any left over. Once the Groom steps back in to the house, out of happiness, he normally gifts his sister with money. The second part of this night involves the relatives presenting gifts to the Groom.

The gifts will include clothes, jewellery and cologne. Its common for the extended family to also present gold rings for the Groom and his mother. Bari — Normally on this night the mother will also showcase the Bari, this is a set of gifts for the Bride which include clothes, jewellery, homeware and toiletries.

The idea behind this is to make the Bride feel welcomed and in place as soon as she arrives. Daaj — This is a set of presents from the Brides family, it is usually homeware gifts for the couple for when buy their own place. From a mothers point of view, she wants to ensure the daughter is fully equipped with household goods for her new home.

This is also another one of the major functions. Drummers will be present and fireworks will be set to create a hype. Traditionally, during some part of the procession a member of the Grooms family will stop the whole Baraat Rokhana , direct them to their home and serve a light snack.

Once the Baraat reaches the venue the Grooms family will set a display of fireworks and accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol, dance away.

The groom does not usually take part in the dancing. On the other side of the fence, the Brides family will accept the Baraatis as guests so given a warm welcome; flower garlands and rose petals will be thrown upon the Janj as they walk in. Dhood Pilai — At the entrance of the venue the Brides sisters will stop the Groom from entering until a sufficient amount of cash is given to them. Milk symbolises richness and purity- it was like champagne back in the days.

Once the Janj enter the venue, the Groom makes way to his Bride but before he can sit, he is stopped once again by the sisters who are requesting more money. After a continuance of bantering, the Groom pays them out and finally joins his bride. Now that the Baraatis are here, the Brides Reception formally takes place. All her family and friends will be present wishing her well. The common theme on the Shaadi day is to wear very traditional clothes, so the Bride will wear a heavily embroidered dress in a rich red or a dark purple accompanied with gold jewellery, that the mother gifts her as part of the Daaj.

The Groom will wear a sherwani with a turban, usually in a colour matching the Brides dress. The bantering and fun allows the couple to bond quicker. Once the guests have been fed and the Bride has moral support from her extended family. The Bride will head back home so her family can see her off properly. Churi — On the Grooms arrival to the Brides home, one of the sisters will bring along a plate of churi buttered chappati to feed the groom.

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