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Over these years, it has been bonding and prospering with Hong Kong and has become a significant force in Hong Kong's financial industry with wide support and trust gained from the local society. Protecting and enhancing your wealth Personalise your portfolio to diversify risk and maximise returns using different models, such as Income and Principal Preserved based model as well as Balanced and Capital Growth oriented model. It is devoted to becoming a highly-efficient and professional enterprise partner that can fulfill the all-around requirement of enterprise customers. It pays high attention to transformation of outlet operating mode, development of tiered customer service system and reform of marketing approach and approval process of individual loans.

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As an important carrier for outward direct investment and investment asset management of Bank of China, Bank of China Investment conducts various investment activities in Hong Kong, Macau, China's mainland and at abroad, including enterprise equity investment, real property investment, acquisition and disposal of non-performing assets and asset management. Bank of China Investment keeps extending value creating chain by trying out new business models as a foundation for business expansion.

In , based on the expansion of IPO investment, it achieved substantial results by exploring private equity investment, expanding the scale of fund investment and conducting surveys on overseas investment markets. Against the broader background of rapid economic growth and continuous improvement of asset quality, and based on the mature business models such as sole buyout, joint buyout and structured transactions, Bank of China Investment introduced new business models such as equity acquisition, repossessed assets acquisition and asset moving, playing a positive role as a platform in assisting assets disposal and pushing forward the progress of merger and acquisition.

It was the first large scale overseas acquisition by Bank of China and signifies the successful move by the bank to become the first Chinese bank to enter the global aircraft leasing business. BOC Aviation has a fleet of over modern aircraft flying with more than 50 airlines worldwide.

The company provide a wide range of products and services for airlines and aircraft investors including direct operating lease, purchase and leaseback, structured finance, pre-delivery payment financing, aircraft remarketing and third party asset management. BOC Aviation has a multi-national team based in Singapore, Europe and America to provide round-the-clock service to its customers. The Bank of China Group now has banking relationships with global airlines as well as aircraft and engine manufacturers; BOC Aviation has clearly created value for the Bank of China Group.

Bank of China Investment Management Co. Currently, Bank of China Investment Management is mainly engaged in issuance and management of fund products for domestic investors as well as investment management and consulting services provided for institutional and individual customers. Bank of China attaches much importance to the development of asset management business. As an important part of Bank of China in the development of asset management in China's mainland, Bank of China Investment Management will make full use of the robust network and customer resources of Bank of China to expand distribution channels, expand business and improve overall competitiveness.

For BOC Money, safety and liquidity always comes first. In when most monetary market funds were faced with huge redemption pressure and liquidity risks, BOC Money's effective prevention against the liquidity risks was highly recognized by investors. Main Business of Bank of China. Commercial Banking Business As the traditional major business line of Bank of China, commercial banking business includes corporate banking, personal banking and financial market business mainly treasury business.

Corporate Banking Corporate banking business is Bank of China's main source of profit. Deposits Bank of China makes the best effort to reinforce RMB corporate deposits business in response to the impact from the fast growing capital market.

Loans Bank of China continues adjusting its loan structure by increasing investment in key industries so as to realize optimal allocation of credit resources. Cooperation with financial institutions Bank of China values cooperation with financial institutions. It provides customers with more complete services by sharing customers, resources and co-developing new products with these partners.

International settlement and trade financing International settlement is an edge of Bank of China. The international settlement and trade financing have been growing rapidly with enhanced interaction between domestic and overseas branches.

Other corporate banking services Bank of China also provides payment and settlement services including bank draft, promissory note, check, remittance, bank acceptance, entrusted collection of payment, collection with acceptance, centralized payment, check loading and bill custody.

Product and Service Innovation Bank of China combines and innovates corporate banking products to cater for corporate customers' changing business needs. Personal Banking Personal banking business is one of the strategic priorities of Bank of China.

Deposits To maintain and add the value of personal financial assets, Bank of China takes the initiative to adjust its operating strategy aimed at balanced development of deposit and wealth management business. Personal loans Bank of China strives to popularize the "direct-to-customer" marketing service by promoting and improving the centralized online approving system.

Personal fee-based business Bank of China provides the following personal fee-based business: RMB and foreign currency remittance, personal foreign exchange settlement and sale, foreign exchange conversion, agency insurance and fund, agency collection and payment. Personal foreign exchange settlement and sale and personal international remittance are the traditional advantageous services of Bank of China.

It increases its foreign exchange sources by expanding the handling outlets for exchange settlement and sale and enhancing the cooperation with international remittance companies. Besides, it builds the brand of "Bank of China Remittance" by further segmenting the personal foreign exchange market and integrating numerous foreign exchange products into "one-stop" service.

Bank of China has realized a leapfrog growth in the agency service revenue as a result of enhancement of such services as fund distribution and insurance agent with the favorable opportunity brought by the rapidly expanding capital market and emerging investment products.

A widespread multi-level wealth management service network has been formed with standardized wealth management centers, over 1, wealth management offices and numerous wealth management counters arranged in its outlets. A professional wealth management team composed of over wealth management advisors and more than 2, wealth managers is established to provide customers with full range of professional services such as investment and wealth management plans and series products.

In addition, the exclusive VIP access for "Bank of China Wealth Management" customers in the airports of major domestic cities makes the "Bank of China Wealth Management" value-added customer service system more appealing. Private banking Bank of China provides private, exclusive, wealth-creating and premium services for high-net-worth individual customers whose personal financial assets are above USD 1 million. With fast growing customer base and managed assets, this has become a new growth platform for the bank's personal banking business, creating a distinct pioneering advantage.

Bank cards Bank of China keeps enhancing the research and development, marketing, service and system construction of bank card products. Network development The 10, outlets in China's mainland is an important strategic resource of Bank of China. The bank has rolled out an outlet transformation program by conferring core functions on different categories of outlets, optimizing business process and implementing key performance indicator assessment.

Bank of China continues investing in ATMs and other self-service facilities, and keeps optimizing the layout and functions of facilities.

Product and Service Innovation Resting on its global service network and multi-level service platform, Bank of China provides customers with all-round financial services including newly introduced RMB and foreign currency denominated wealth management products.

Financial Market Business Bank of China's financial market business activities include: Global investment Bank of China global investment consists of foreign currency investment and RMB investment. Foreign currency investment mainly includes government bond, agency bond, debenture bond, mortgage-backed securities MBS , asset-backed securities ABS and money market fund lending. Global trading Bank of China's trading activities are divided into proprietary trading, market-making trading and related custodian trading.

In terms of market-making trading, Bank of China emphasizes the balance between business growth and risk control of market liquidity, hence the leading position in settlement and sale of foreign exchange, precious metal trading, RMB bond trading and RMB swap in the interbank market.

As for custodian trading, Bank of China takes the market opportunity brought by the rising RMB interest rate and fluctuating exchange rate to intensify the promotion of value-maintaining instruments such as forward settlement and sale of foreign exchange and RMB structured interest rate swap, thus spurring the rise of non-interest income.

Asset management Bank of China issues structured RMB and foreign currency wealth management products and eight RMB asset management products for 16 periods. Debt capital market Bank of China keeps optimizing customer service and will launch financing consulting service within the year. Distribution and custody of funds Bank of China holds tight the favorable opportunity brought by the rapidly growing capital market to expand asset custody business such as fund distribution and custody, annuity, social security fund, insurance, QDII, QFII, trust, wealth management of special account and direct investment funds.

In particular, through enhanced risk management and internal control, and improved IT standard and service quality, it realizes sustainable and rapid growth of fund distribution and custody business. Corporate annuity management Bank of China's qualification as a certified corporate annuity account manager and custodian in created favorable conditions for its corporate annuity business.

Product and Service Innovation New product design and quotation capacity is a main competitive advantage of Bank of China in the financial market. Agency business As Bank of China Hong Kong keeps optimizing the stock service platform and service standard, its agency stock trading business performs very well, and the newly introduced private allotment service is popular among customers.

Treasury products Treasury products include structured bills and stock derivative warrants as well as qualified domestic institutional investor QDII products. The new products gained high popularity and good sales result. In , Bank of China Hong Kong further expanded the service platform for cash management to provide tailored cash management services for key customers.

Business in China's mainland In China's mainland, Bank of China Hong Kong continues interaction with Bank of China while developing its own business, thus achieving a win-win result from business exchange and sharing. Business operation Bank of China International makes a breakthrough by advancing the strategy of "merchant banking" characterized by expanded product lines and increased service varieties.

With the successful strategic transformation close business interaction with the group and the increasing core competitiveness and the brand popularity, Bank of China International's performance has hit a record high since its establishment amid the intensively turbulent capital market and the increasingly fierce market competition. Underwriting and financial consulting Bank of China International has accomplished the public offering of several IPO projects by acting as the global coordinator, book runner, sponsor, sponsor or lead manager.

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