Israeli New Shekel(ILS) Exchange Rates for 6 January, 2019

US dollar to Israeli shekel Exchange Rates, USD to ILS charts and historical data, official exchange rate for US dollar / Israeli shekel, today's rate of exchange for USD/ILS, historical exchange rate table for the currency pair US dollars/Israeli shkalim. Graphs and historical exchange rate data for US dollar/Israeli shekel provided by The.

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1 USD = 3.71205 ILS - today's best rate

The basic unit of currency is the New Israel Shekel (NIS). At press time, both the value of the U.S. dollar and the value of the shekel were extremely volatile, and this situation may continue for some time. We estimate the shekel-dollar exchange rate to be approximately NIS 4 to $1 (50p), or NIS 1.

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These have the sign of shekel on it and are colored. However, before, the economy was so unstable that the Israeli shekel had to be replaced by the new Israeli shekel. This instability was due to the lack of interest of the government and the poor policies of the bank of Israel. Although, after the introduction of the new Israeli shekel their exports boosted up. The major industries are metal products, biomedical equipment, transport equipment, food, and chemicals.

The signing of the free trade agreement also helped the economy rise in the world market. The inflation rate is currently low compared to before, where the devaluation increased to its maximum.

It also faced problems of negative payment balance which also got brought back to positive figures recently. The Israeli shekel is now the freest trading currency and can be easily converted into different currencies.

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