Hundreds of Stolen Passwords for Netflix, HBO, Hulu and More Discovered for Sale on ‘Dark Web’

Online content provider Netflix can support seamless global service by using Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS enables Netflix to quickly deploy thousands of servers and .

But it has nothing to do with your company. Watch TV shows and movies recommended just for you, including award-winning Netflix original series, movies, and documentaries. When will you realize that people just want to enjoy their tv shows without being constantly forced to put up with all your stupid political opinions? After several calls to your number which I got from your website, , Jessica S gave me this email; address to connect with you to initiate an investigation. I am an American now living in Brazil.

Choose one plan and watch everything on Netflix.

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Sacred Games can only be viewed on Netflix and viewers need a subscription to watch the show. What will happen in Sacred Games on Netflix? Sacred Games will be dropping on Netflix in July Image: Who stars in Sacred Games on Netflix? Will there be another series of Sacred Games? A recommission will be dictated by the viewing figures one the show hits the platform worldwide. Sacred Game is currently streaming on Netflix.

What new TV shows and films are released? For the first time, the Hollywood Foreign [ Pai had been scheduled for a one-on-one interview with Consumer Technology Assn. Pai, a Republican-appointed [ GSN Games was quietly put on the block a few months ago. Netflix has changed the way it accounts for personnel expenses related to its streaming service — a move showing the company has invested more in its global streaming rollout than previously disclosed.

HQ Trivia is still amassing live audiences bigger than many cable TV networks for its daily trivia competitions — and the app startup appears to be landing a few TV-size deals.

For a special truck-themed game on Jan. Previous video Next video. I bet you wont make that mistake again. This was sent to my email and I never had an acct. So I hope Netflix will get to the bottom of this: Dear Customer,We recently failed to validate your payment information we hold on record for your account, therefore we need to ask you to complete a brief validation process in order to verify your billing and payment details. Click here to verify your account Failure to complete the validation process will result in a suspension of your netflix membership.

We take every step needed to automatically validate our users, unfortunately in this case we were unable to verify your details. The process will allow us to maintain our high standard of account security. Netflix Support TeamThis message was mailed automatically by Netflix during routine security checks. We are not completely satisfied with your account information and require you to update your account to. NEVER click on an email to update any info…always get out of the email, and go to the actual site in a browser.

There you can find out if there really is any problem, and likely there will not be. If you are subscribed to any company, they will at least use your name…but still, NEVER click an email to give info. Many times I do not call just send the dvd back marked damaged. I think you should pay more attention to the quality control, and we deserve some sincere consideration when this happens.

Unfortunately blockbuster is not around as an alternative. I am sending a message to the CEO,Mr. Hastings explaining our problem. My grandson applied for netflix in error.. I will look look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Its not their fault that you set up two accounts. Nothings broken, you signed up for a service and they rendered it. Maybe you should call so they can help you cancel it. No one asked for your stupid opinion.

Just discovered Netflix is double billing my account, after verbal authorization was given to cancel DVD component and replace with streaming feature. Netflix says DVD was cancelled and then restarted by us 6 mo.

Please consider this because a lot more viewers are just like myself on this matter. The volume of movies is comparatively low compared to, for example, a TV series. I sometimes have to re-play scenes to make sure I can fully understand the story as it develops.

I utilize Netflix via an iPad, and even though I have the volume turned up to the maximum in all the settings, this has been a pattern even with your new update. I guess, for me, it had symbolized a warm comforting relationship, compared to the starkness of white.

I do not subscribe to a cable service, and I do love Netflix and have considered it as my entertainment dollar very well spent. I have nothing but great expernces…. I have never had any billing issues aswell!!!??? The billing and customer service people are a bunch of stupid idiots that are not only rude but useless.

That means when you sign up they give you service. If you sign up for accounts all willy nilly your going to get a charge! I mean You are the one who sets up the account.

Did you really not think that something was strange when you had to resubmit in you your card info and re agree to terms of use?

So, Obviously netflix is not responsible for your mistake. They did their part by making the service available when you signed up, maybe you should be responsible and do yours.

I have been a satisfied Netflix customer for 4 years. I love your service except for one nagging item. He suggested I set up profiles for each child that has access to my account. I was not aware of the profile feature and checked it out. I have set up profiles for my other family members. This will be a help for me to see what my children are watching. I now have a suggestion for the profiles feature. Can you make them pass-word protected.

Something like my satellite tv system where each member of the family has a password and each has limited access to adult features. That way I can monitor my childrens accounts but they can not see what I or my wife have been watching. My reasons are still the same. I used the Live feature online. I believe I was talking to a program and not a real person. VERY formulaic responses that had nothing to do with my question. It kept mentioning that the licenses sometimes expire, as if over 50 different titles all expired at once.

They might actually tell the truth and admit that they screwed up. Why is it so difficult in this computer age to have a list repopulated?!! They can jump in a donut hole!

Last I heard a month is days!!!! I called to fix it and all the way up to supervisor level was insanely rude and unprofessional! This company Netflix is now a horrible company!

Now, not so much! I stream them from Netflix! In 09 they had a remarkable company their reps and supers went out of there way to make things right! How do you decide what to put on Netflix? Each episode is 22 minutes. I have recently produced a short for Voodoo Doughnuts that involves the main character Patrishaa. To be completely honest here my husband and I are aging artists that decided to produce a TV series a few years ago and we finally have it.

We have been chastised by many for forging ahead with our muse but we came up with what could be the most unusual TV series ever! And we have season two almost ready to go. Would you be interested in this? Is Netflix going out of business? Seems like it, the new movie that come out on all on a very long wait, what do they have 5 copies, here is a brilliant idea …….

My favorite thing about Netflix are the idiots who believe that they know how licensing from film companies works, and are certain that Netflix can get around it if they want. Netflix does not create the DVDs they distribute. Films are made available to Netflix and other services on a case by case basis, and licensed out by the distributor for a limited amount of time.

Netflix is often successful in renegotiating another run for a film, but that again is up to the distributor of the film itself, and often a film will disappear for a period of time. Often a film will not be made available except to a single service Netflix Amazon Prime, etc. Demand and availability are the primary factors in the presence of a film on Netflix or any other streaming service.

While in S1 I fell in love with the series it was still a bit lack luster, not a criticism by any means as even lack luster keep me pinned to the screen. S2 of the series seemed to have ramped up the thrill of the view. The characters seemed to have come out of their shells, no pun. I watched 2 in less than a week I was so addicted. Now the important part of my comment. Please please renew the series for at least two more seasons if not to an ongoing contract, please.

If all involved were to put into further story lines what they gave to S2 I believe you will end up with a blockbuster, again no pun. We cant forget the doc either or Peters family. So many loose ends here. I think Ive made my point right. This never used to happen. They apparently are not keeping up with supply and demand. I should be issued a refund!

I have had netflixs for about 2 months now. The old ass boring shows stay on here forever and none of the good ones are on here. After all the crap you took from Comcast and now forced to pay them more money to stream with their service, I just want you to know that they are raising consumer prices also!

I plan to cancel this and find a broadband provider since I have never found a difference in their stream speed. This seems illegal in some way so I thought people need to be aware of this. Keep up the fight for honest service and thank you for the years of service you have provided so far. I hope I will not need to cancel. Anyway, I hope this gets to someone and the idea is heavily considered and accepted.

Thank you and everyone have a blessed day. Please add all of the Saturday Night Live seasons again. Netflix is the only way I can watch them, or at least all of them, and it greatly saddened me when I just checked to find out that they were taken off. I do not want to watch movies from the , era. I am not 80 years old. I also do not like television shows.

The good movies do not stay long,and the boring ones never seem to go away. Get it together or it is another provider for sure. I have both a Netflix DVD and streaming subscriptions. More and more frequently on my Netflix DVD queue this happens: On Saturday I put an about-to-be released film I want to watch in the number 1 spot of my queue.

Certainly Netflix is aware of the waste of time, energy and money that perpetuating this strange duplication of services represents. I have DVD and Streaming. I am happy to see the play button in my queue. I watch the movies and check to see if it has bonus and or commentaries.

I get the dvd and watch the bonus materials. I have had exemplary service from Netflix for several years, but not lately. After Saturday shipping was stopped new releases mostly go to the very long wait zone.

Now I understand you are signing up millions, but remember what happened last time service went bad. My problem started with me complaining to your Hillsboro Oregon call center so it may be retribution from the day supervisor. We have been subscribers to NetFlix for several years and have had only minor problems.

Overall we are very satisfied with your service. I have been paying my girl friends netflix bill for about the last 6 months to find out her 24 years old daughter has been giving out account information to her friends and my girlfriend has had to raise hell with her daughter to get somebody off line so she could watch what she wanted to. Hell her daughter was even able to change email address on the account without the proper billing information.

Not to long after the account opened the daughter traded gaming systems with her sister and I called and was able to take off the other device with no problem then when I found out about the daughters friends they said I could not do that I would have to block my card from the account but would remain on till June 16th the next billing cycle. Thats when the csr told me what email address was which is different my question is how can somebody change account information without the proper card number for billing.

I just discovered that Netflix has been double-billing me on 2 separate charge accounts for the past 25 months. Sooo … see you in court! You can keep rates flat for those that do a little leg work and plan ahead and then charge more only to customers that want Streaming Video i. Details of my proposal here. Netflix had been taKing money out of my friends husbands said check for 19 months when they cancelled it. I just got off the phone after a frustrating conversation.

I wanted to restart my subscription using a gift subscription only to learn that instead, the monthly fee was charged to my credit card! After a very long wait I spoke to Steve, a manager.

Bottom line-there is no refund! I have cancelled my subscription and have asked my bank to cancel this charge as disputed. I believe this is poor customer service, especially after having been a subscriber for almost 6 years. Netfllix, I am thoroughly disgusted at the lack of choices in movies on my T.

So, why bother with it? It is insulting and certainly not worth the money. I just typed in 5 movies, NONE were available!!!!!!!! Great idea, horrific implementation.

Well tonight, I received an email from them telling me that there was a problem with receiving a payment and that they would be contacting my financial institution. So I called customer service and told them. Their response to me was that I should have been checking my bank statements! Leading me to believe it was actually closed as instructed! Now that they have drained that bank account they finally wanna send me an email.

They credited back ONE month. And said they did not have a phone number or email for corporate! So I sent a reply to the original email from them asking for payment.

Now I have to figure out what my next step will be! To view trailer or order dvd online visit pwfilmproductions. My laptop, as do many laptops these days, does not have a DVD player. Much of your content that I want to see is only through the DVD service. I tend to travel a bit and would like to have my movies come with me. If the same copyright protection and such can be put on flash drives, it would be easier for me to watch movies anywhere.

It would be better in shipping as well, one of my recent movies arrived in damaged condition. It would take advantage of any device that can play using a USB port. I have been a supervisor for many years of both call and processing centers. I have two friends currently working for Netflix in Aurora, CO.

I do not work for you, but I thought you should at least be aware. Employees are not being managed fairly, or correctly. This is a mistake. I am not an employee, just a concerned manager.

Please settle your issues with Verizon. Fix it or we will have to leave your service. I know you have to balance what you pay Verizon against what you lose in members if the bandwidth issues are not resolved. When I call about the issue, all I get is sympathy. I wonder if this is the way that the company is trying to get customers to switch to only using streaming. If they streamed the titles I want, then I would do that. And, yes, I have talked to the post office officials about this.

Today is the 14th and I told them I would not be paying for something I cannot use due to no fault of my own. I will be contracting the attorney general on this.

They did the same to me!! So I called and cancelled my account. I called customer service and they would only refund ONE month. Tomorrow will be a day well spent trying to contact corporate Netflix as well as the better business bureau. And perhaps my attorney! Best of luck to you! Perfect for me as a single person. Tried to sign up for it online, then through the number. Sounds like a loss leader to me. We promote something you have no intention of offering?

I have not received discs on Saturdays for several months. Today, Saturday the 28th of dec. I was supposed to receive 2 discs in a series. I received disc 3 and did not receive disc 2. I called to complain about Saturdays and netflix cust serv. I already talked to the post office and they told me to talk to netflix. Netflix, like many other companies, has miserable customer service.

So I have to like you on facebook to get you to report this problem???? Same thing happened to me only I called them on Saturday and they told me that I would have to call back on Tuesday to report it missing. In the past they would have sent another disk right away. These bums sent a broken disk. Called, scheduled the next day. Called again scheduled for 2 days latter. Called again and told well you know you get it when it is in your mailbox. So a week or so latter no dvd, but the bill keeps a coming.

I mean that right from the heart and in the literal sense. No more money from me. I am relatively new to netflix 6 months maybe and am a little disappointed in regards to payment options. I, myself do not deal with credit cards, only prepaid cards for numerous reasons. It would be so much easier for people who regularly use these cards if netflix would accept them for payment.

Even if I link them through a PayPal account they will not recognize. I was in contact with the customer service call centre in Texas for netflixOne individual that will forever stick out in my mind is a woman by the name of Lexi I believe. Out of all the calls to numerous thcompanies throughout my life, she definitely deserves a huge recognition for her friendly demeanor and ease of conversation.

I hope that this will be relayed to her! Hey Reed and Marc, I love Netflix! No commercials, no cable! What a great idea, what a great invention! I know you know your business; and, I do believe you all will listen to customer input. There is a few things that I believe will improve your service. The postal service needs to reinvent themselves.

They are not doing a good job of it. How does this become your problem? Start using the internet the way it was supposed to be used. Start giving people access to new movies for 3 days for one dollar. I just read an article that Netflix is in talks with major cable providers.

I eliminated cable for many reasons, 2 of them being overpricing and horrible service. And options for the pricing. All I need to pay for is the internet box vs. It seems idealistic vs. The new changes to Netflix, are not kid friendly at all! So they no longer have freedoms with Netflix. My daughter in law is seriously thinking about following suit. His vile comments about people who use the system to obtain flat screens, MC Nuggets, cell phones blah, blah, blah.

We needed the support. We used it for a short time, got new jobs and moved on. By the way, during that time, we subscribed to Netflix!! As I said that is probably going to change. You should not get behind someone who uses their public forum and or position to viciously pass judgement with bias and prejudice and lump everyone together.

He is attacking many, many of your subscribers! Shame on you as a company! People have been taking Rush Limbaugh out of context now for like 30 years. Mansfield Ohio anyone thatWant to join in case call me.

Customer Service wad disrespectful and no help at all. It seems the US Postal Service has announced recently that they would stop delivering door to door mail, unless the address had locked boxes. They do not care!!!!!!!!!!! Where is Bill Gates when you need him???

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