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Line Tom Wallisch Pro Skis. Home News Open calls. Digital media and art Audience development Museum programme for children Interactive training Part of the efforts for development of audiences have to do also with the pARTnership project, which we are developing jointly with cultural institutions in Plovdiv — the Plovdiv Opera, the Museum of Ethnography, the National Library and the City Art Gallery. Above the town center looms the mighty Fredriksten fortress. Woman in Russian spy mystery is Sergei Skripal's daughter.

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Forum Forum is a flagship project and a highlight in the programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture Strategy and content Competence building and audience development activities are a key strategic goal for the period The development strategy envisages: Increasing the level of training events within the project. Creating more practical opportunities for networking and direct cooperation of Bulgarian cultural institutions with similar operators in Europe.

Events related to the development of the project 29 September Forum Tobacco City - includes a public discussion on the development of the Tobacco City project details at: Kapana - a public meeting with cultural operators and entrepreneurs from Plovdiv with an interest in, or who are developing activities in Kapana, the creative industries neighbourhood and focus of European Capital of Culture www.

Museums - an information meeting with museum directors and curators from Plovdiv. Tobacco City - presentation of the online platform related to the Tobacco City project and the basic project development concept bit. Introduction to Contemporary Art - a course of lectures organized jointly with the Open Arts Foundation bit.

Museums - a series of information meetings with museum directors and curators from Plovdiv. Creative Europe - a series of meetings organised in collaboration with Creative Europe Desk and Europe for Citizens in Bulgaria, with an emphasis on the opportunities available to apply for funding under European programmes.

European Capital of Culture — the first national presentation of the project Plovdiv — ECC , updated programme, key projects, inclusion opportunities held at the Sofia University - www.

Museums — a series of information meetings 16 June Forum Creative Europe - a network meeting of partners with the participation of representatives of cultural organisations in Plovdiv and their European partners.

Open Calls - an information workshop held after the public announcement of the two open calls for projects for the programme of Plovdiv ECC Open Calls - three consecutive online information webinars, allowing the inclusion of cultural operators from different cities of Bulgaria and abroad www.

Tobacco City — a forum-discussion on the immovable cultural heritage - conservation, control and sanctions. Volunteers — an information workshop https: Chitalishta — a workshop with a working meeting and a fair-exhibition www. Museums — live video streaming: Museum Expositions and Standards: Varna — European Youth Capital www. All the participants got to know what it is about being a volunteer, what the tasks, responsibilities and teamwork loyalty are www.

Tobacco City — discussion and workshop on Industrial Archelogy — The living city in the context of contemporary concepts of cultural heritage - www. Focus Kapana — Open doors day — info about applicant organisations, Open call in Plovdiv www. Kapana — Open Doors Day - info about applicant organisations, open call in Sofia www. The event was organized by the Plovdiv Foundation in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and the Plovdiv-based municipal company Tourism and the Instituto Cervantes in Sofia.

Plovdiv — Discussion about the directions and challenges before the realization of the ECC project www. On 12 October 6: Focus Volunteers — with trainers from Japan and Romania. A practical one-day training for volunteers in the context of the ECC. The programme featured the acquisition of techniques for solving practical cases in fieldwork and role games for the building of skills for teamwork.

Culture Community Centres — information meetings with representatives of culture community centres from the South Central Region in line with the special open call regulation www.

Creative Europe — a network meeting of partners In and the platform will focus on the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills, especially those applicable for work in international contexts. RT and another pro-Kremlin channel alleged her husband was murdered by a close friend. The Ukrainian authorities say they had to stage the killing of an exiled Russian reporter to protect him. But their decision has serious repercussions. Spies, assassins and strip clubs: Observer comment cartoon Russia's bear necessities — cartoon.

Police confirm that Nikolai Glushkov was murdered. His words seem grimly prophetic. Moscow will not cooperate with an investigation into the Salisbury attack. The president relies on spreading doubt, says Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland.

Russia, nerve agents and a quest for the truth. Readers respond to the political fallout from the chemical weapons attack in Salisbury.

Salisbury nerve attack draws responses in Moscow ranging from outrage to fear. Donations to the Tories from Russian oligarchs have come to light since Sergei Skripal was poisoned.

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