The Shady Truth about Buying an RV

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Yesterday we went to the Florida RV Supershow at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. We always enjoy RV shows as they give you a chance to look at hundreds of different RV models in a low sales pressure environment.

Two weeks following the installation, the water. Yeah, you got it; overflows throughout the bathroom while I'm gone for 6 hours. Renovating a 30 year old trailer--the only RV appliance I had to replace and it fails within 2 weeks. Range, fridge, water pump, furnace, hot water heater all reusable or rebuildable.

Thetford Customer Service says I can take it to a Thetford dealer for repair and Thetford will reimburse dealer. The hand flush was chosen because this is low profile unit and mounted on riser. Foot flush could cause a possibility of loss of balance due to having foot pedal higher from floor. Additional hardware not needed Works great. The flush handle was broken, and when I called Thetford, they said they no longer have parts. SO I would have to return to Amazon and lose the deal I got on this for the cracked flush handle.

For the use I was getting this for, I can deal with the cracked handle, but AMAZON did not inspect this product, nor did the shipper, if it ever went through any Amazon warehouse. The box was litterly broken down as bad as I've seen a cardboard box and still hold an item. The toilet works well, flushes fine and doesn't leak. Other than the other issues I've had to deal with Thetford's products, I will never purchase another product made from them ever again.

Old Thetford was circa Great product! Old Thetford was circa , all plastic, low profile. The higher seat is the same as most home toilets. Odds are you will need these supplies.

Very poor packaging by Thetford Toilet arrived with entire tail end of the bowl broken off. Very poor packaging by Thetford. Was out of time for a trip so I swapped out my original bowl and used the new mechanical portion.

Broken pieces of bowl in box also shredded the new seat and cover bouncing around during shipping, si I had ti re-use my original. Good thing I was replacing my original with the same make and model.

The first one I ordered never even made it to my house - UPS returned it before delivery because it was broken. Second arrived and while the toilet was not broken the screws to hold the toilet seat on were. We bought new screws. Inside the box there was NO restrains so the toilet could just move where ever it wanted to.

There is almost zero clearance between the back of the toilet and the wall so you can tighten the screws. Luckily our RV had a removable panel behind the toilet which provided limited access. You will love this!

So happy with this purchase. We use it for camping and also down by our lake so that friends don't have to go to the main house in their wet suits! We bought a fold up shower tent and put it in there for privacy. Works great - easy to empty! I spent a lot of time researching tank sizes, water capacity and height of these - this is the best one for the money!

This is the second of these devices we have owned, and this one is lighter than the first one obtained about 35 years ago , and easier to handle. I purchased this as an anniversary present for my wife 46 years as we were about to embark on a tent camping trip. She hates to get up in the middle of the night to make her way to the campground toilets, especially in the rain, so in a brilliant flash of insight and compassion I ordered this for her. She laughed and joked about it, but after the camping trip she said this is one of the best gifts I've ever given her, especially after she had to get up during a roaring thunderstorm.

We have a two-room tent, so I set it up in the second room so she had privacy. Broken handle with minimal use After very light use, less then one week, the "pull" handle completely broke off. Now I have to fight with plyers to get the opening opened and closed. We bought a second "Palm Springs" brand for much cheaper and that one is working out very well.

I'm disappointed in this one. I spent the extra money for this brand thinking I would get better quality. Not the case at all.

Nice fit inside van conversion Compact but functional. Nice fit inside van conversion, peace of mind for middle of the road emergencies or night use when you do not want to out to camp restroom. So far has held well for about a month. The deodorizer liquid sample has pleasant odor. Works great We bought this for use in our Eurovan for our potty training toddler Size means it fits in the the foot well of the passenger seat, so we can access it easily once parked and camp set up and still have a small amount of privacy.

It's very easy to use. Better Than Bucket But! The unit serves the basic use it is intended for. But, be sure you realize that the size is considerably smaller than some of their other products and not very comfortable.

The volume of water that the pump moves is not sufficient to flush a piece of stuck "T" paper so a brush or water jug comes in handy.

If you pushed the pump enough times to totally clear the bowl, the base would soon be full. Again, don't plan to get confortable and read a book!!! So far so good. I now mix this in a 5 gallon bucket and then pour it down as first time around it slipped right out of my hand and you got it right in the shitter So far works great Only toilet paper to use while in RV. Maybe not Charmin, but while in the trailer it's the next best thing.

Not easy to find in stores. This proct works well in our RV. Thetford RV toilet I installed this and the Theyford riser platform in just 45 minutes. Worked out just great. I watched the YouTube video on this, and read the reviews which cut my install time down. Added about 5 inches of pec's tubing with 2 shark bites couplings which made it simple.

Once I got it in place, had the wife sit on it as I tightened it down, got the idea from one of the reviews. That really helped because I didn't want to break the floor plastic mounting bracket. On the YouTube video they put dishwashing soap on the seals to help the gaskets slide on the holes easily, this seem to help. When tightening I just took my time one then the other, and never put much pressure when pulling the wrench.

After a few day will tighten the bolts a little more. Anyone could do this!! If they sealed the internal splash I would give 5 stars Simple, light and functional.

I prefer the hand flush over the foot flush because it is less likely to be overpowered and get broken. The only drawback to these is the bowl is a huge funnel, and when removing for repair or replacement, there will be splash back around the bottom of the funnel which will get everywhere and be a pain to clean. Keep a sturdy double plastic bag inside a cardboard box with kitty litter or paper towels in the bottom.

As soon as the toilet comes up, put it straight in the box and take it outside to a spot where you can hose down when you are done with the repair. Or throw the whole thing away. That said, they are inexpensive and last for many years.

Good design, easy installation Replaced an Aqua Magic IV because the pedal cables broke. I really like this design because it is simpler with less parts to break. When loosening the old nuts needed the vice grips to hold the shaft to allow wrench to turn nuts. My water feed line has a rubber insert similar to a garden hose gasket and definitely need that. Recommend you gingerly apply water pressure after hooking up the new toilet because if the feed hose is not on secure it will leak.

Very simple installation and very happy with it. I am around lbs and I find the construction solid enough for me. Very happy with it. By Benjamin G Fielder. This is the perfect replacement for the Aqua-Magic IV that was in my I find the seat is more comfortable, and the flush works better than my previous toilet, although this toilet uses a little more water during the flush.

After the flush, it leaves the perfect amount of water in the bowl, and the seal holds well, which is what you want. In the details the "product" is described as being 17" x17" The toilet itself is very nice Amazon did try to help I am hoping it will solve my problem.

Will update after the riser arrives. Great for flange repair. Most of the toilets being made for RV's. These days have a very narrow base and are supported by two bolts in a PLASTIC flange that held in place with a few screws into the floor and subfloor under the toilet. I had my flange crack, and the manufacturer's OEM flange was PVC glued into place with no ability to disconnect the plastic flange without dropping the tank from below after cutting of the flange above and repairing the piping to be able to put a SCREW ON Flange.

This is the only product available that I was able to find. Installation is fairly straightforward. The hardest part for me was to extend the water line.

No leaks so far. I tightened down the mounting bolts in stages. This is combined with a caravan style body of medium length, usually 22 to 33 feet long. Class C motorhomes are advantageous because the owner receives better gas mileage like a camper van but has more self contained accommodations like a full size Class A motorhome. This class of motorhome is considered semi-integrated as sometimes the cab is separate from the camper portion, similar to a truck with a camper shell.

Toyota Motorhomes are iconic as they were some of the first Class C motorhomes to hit the road back in the 70s. Today most major motorhome manufactures utilize the Ford E Series chassis to base their motorhome designs on, however back in s they used the Toyota Truck. This is the truck that the Toyota Tacoma was originally based on, but at the time was simply known as the Toyota Pickup in the United States or the Toyota Hilux in international markets.

Motorhomes were made on the standard duty Toyota truck chassis from to before moving to a one-ton cab and chassis in The top three brands that most enthusiasts are aware of are the Toyota Chinook, Dolphin and Sea Breeze. The Chinook brand was made by Chinook the company while the Dolphin and Sea Breeze where made by the following manufactures. Rather you are a buyer or seller and have found this site useful to you, please consider donating to help us provide a better experience for you.

This website is simply provided as a tool to facilitate buyers and sellers connecting for the transaction. In addition, this website is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Toyota or other motorhome brands nor is it certified by Craigslist, eBay or other classifieds resources. The use of trademarks and brand names are executed in accordance with the Fair Use clause of The Copyright Act of As this site is educational in nature, use of this copyrighted material is covered under this clause.

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