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Any reader who knows which words are of Sanskrit origin can see that they are few and far in between. That still doesnt mean you can simply wish away the thousands and thousands of words you've already imported. Private customer Business customer If you're a translator please click here. I am deleting it again.

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Just add the source Tamil document to your Content Management System or make your edits, and One Hour Translation gets an automatic alert of the change — and gets to work right away. Of course, you can always send Tamil to German translation projects using the homepage wizard. In a global economy, chances are you do business with a German-speaking market or business — or will soon. One page of standard text — about words — takes just one hour. We even show you a countdown timer from the moment the job is accepted to your estimated delivery time.

So go ahead — challenge us. Our community of over 15, professional certified translators around the world is at your service. A countdown timer for each project. KAN has put his words down in print. Note how Hart, qualifies his claims with weasels and straw man arguments. KAN has not only pointed to the Sanskrit words in the Brahmi inscriptions which itself is another wholly different debate , he has also gone ahead and said that "Sanskrit was the 'magic wand' Also who are you kidding?

Even the basic Tamil alphabet, like all other Sanskrit influenced languages, follows the a, aa, i, ee, Just because you drop a couple of alphabets or add a couple of your own cannot wash away what you might see as 'impurities'. The so called 'classical', 'secular' Sangam literature is full of several examples.

Even the very name 'Silappadikaram' has the sanskrit adhikara hiding in it. Sangam literature has several references to 'Aryan' Gods, Indra, Varuna etc. Just because you take Sanskrit words and convert and use them as tatbhavas doesnt make them Tamil. Sure, there might exist and still be in use the 'Dravidian' equivalents of many of these 'Sanskrit' imports.

These equivalents exist in all Dravidian languages, not just Tamil. That still doesnt mean you can simply wish away the thousands and thousands of words you've already imported. The very fact that there even was a tanittamil iyakkam proves the Sanskrit influence. Even if we assume that the tamilttani iyakkam ists got rid of every scrap of Skt. Or do you want to? And some one was talking about 'mango' etc. Show me that English has borrowed even one tenth as many words from Tamil as Tamil has borrowed from Sanskrit and I'll personally help you make a case for a "Tamil greatly influenced English Good luck trying to wish away Sanskrit influence on Tamil.

I've added some and removed some. Instead of discussing Tamil history, the section following the different period contained references only to Sanskrit influence. It should be mentioned but the contribution of Tamil to Sanskrit have to be mentioned as well. All these mutual influences need to be short. Wording had been modified. Re the word mango, I quote the entry in Oxford English Dictionary some of their phonetic notations don't turn out to be correctly displayed here:.

The origin of the -o ending is not clear: The first occurrence of the word in a European language appears to be in a passage referring to Calicut Kozhikode , and is therefore prob. Its first recorded occurrence in certain languages, e. The relevant passage was not translated into English but may have had an indirect influence.

A couple of other points are worth stating. The number of words in English at one time must have been more than a hundred, but many have fallen out of use some examples are like tope grove , anicut dam etc. It is a normal process. At one time many russian and japanese words came into vogue in English and they too dropped out or much less used later - like glasnost etc. Full text of KAN Sastri's citation Literature in all Dravidian languages owes a great deal to Sanskrit, the magic wand whose touch raised each of the languages from a level of patois to that of a literary idiom and the influence they excercised on one another was also not inconsiderable.

Basically, thay have all influenced each other, no language is exclusive. Now where did this term tamil language family pop up? Can anyone list down the the 35 langauges which come under this family. This is a quite controversial Issue. As far as i know tamil has 20 dialects, but dialects can't be considered as languages. Even a language like kannada has 20 dialects. But it can be considered as a language family. There is a difference in a language and langauge family.

I want discussion on this,i will delete that contents in about 2 days. I had deleted the comments but again MR sundar has put it back. Era Epoch Regnal name Regnal year Year zero. List of calendars Category Portal.

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